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Maintenance of Manufacturing Equipment


All manufacturing equipment will experience wear and tear over time, but there are some effective maintenance methods which can minimise the deterioration of your machinery.

By minimising the wear and tear, you reduce the amount of downtime a piece of equipment needs for repairs or replacement. This helps you keep production going at all times and maximise your productivity.

Here are some excellent tips for maintaining manufacturing equipment.

Regular Lubrication Checks

Lubrication is one of the most important factors when it comes to maintenance of manufacturing machinery. The right amount of lubrication will prevent friction and unnecessary vibrations and impacts that can quickly damage your machinery.

Conduct regular checks of your equipment’s lubrication levels to ensure they have everything they need. Also pay attention to any excess grease or patches of oil which could indicate a blockage or leak.

A regular lubrication schedule should always be part of your routine maintenance, though it is equally important to ensure you use the correct type of lubricant in the first place.

Keep Maintenance and Repair Records

Once you have a regular maintenance schedule in place, it is important to keep an accurate record of everything undertaken during the course of your equipment maintenance.

Record which machines have been checked and cleaned, as well as when they were last checked and who conducted the check. This simply allows you to allocate your maintenance time effectively, but there are other important reasons too. In one worst case scenario, an employee discovered to have not checked a particular machine correctly may not have checked others correctly either. Those would all need to be checked again and the record will help you do this efficiently.

Many machines can keep running with the occasional replacement of certain components. A regular maintenance schedule lets you easily keep an eye on all of these more easily worn parts.

Cleaning with Pressure Washers

Many machines will naturally collect dirt during their operations, and it can be time-consuming to hand wash them all regularly. By using a pressure washer though, you can quickly clear away excess grease, dirt and dust.

Pressure washers come in a variety of sizes and with different capabilities, so identify which ones are ideal for which machinery and the cleaning task will suddenly be so much easier than cleaning each piece of equipment by hand.

Use Technology to Monitor Equipment

There is a lot of technology and software around these days which can help you monitor all the different elements of your manufacturing facilities. There are technologies which allow you to track machine uptime and quickly log any and all faults and malfunctions. Pressure monitoring sensors like Senotec Sensors or Wenglor sensors can tell you when filters need changing, which others reveal the likes of flow rates of sprays and air.

By integrating such technology provided by Senotec suppliers like YB Components, you can make the jobs of supervisors and repair engineers much easier and enable them to perform their duties more accurately than otherwise possible.

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