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Maintenance advice for industrial hydraulic components


As we wrote in a blog in 2014, hydraulic, like pneumatic systems, rely on the pressure quality of the substances around them to generate electromagnetic fields and turn the motors. Hydraulic systems generate force and pressure through liquid, which is usually water or oil.

Similar to every piece of equipment used for industrial applications, maintaining and protecting hydraulic components is essential.

Take a look at the following four tips on how to maintain the condition and prolong the life of your industrial hydraulic components.

Replace the filters and change the hydraulic fluid

It is important that all filters are regular replaced. The hydraulic liquid should also be changed at frequent intervals. When changing the fluid, the reservoirs should be completely drained and all contaminants cleaned out.

Avoid using iron pipes

When you are connecting to a hydraulic system via piping, iron piping should be avoided. This is because the iron particles may fall off and contaminate the hydraulic system.

Another good piece of advice is to use pipes or tubing with a minimal amount of bends and fittings. The tubing should also be clean and securely fastened.

Use the right fluid

Did you know that one of the main causes of hydraulic motor failure is due to the incorrect fluid being used in the system?

If you are unsure of what type of fluid to use, it is recommended that you consult the hydraulic service provider.

It is also important the proper quality and viscosity of fluid is used when operating hydraulic machinery.

Do not exceed operational limits

Each hydraulic motor has been designed to operate to a maximum amount of speed, pressure, load, torque and temperature. Exceeding limitations is one of the primary causes of machinery failure. It is therefore essential not to push a hydraulic pump too far.

Purchasing high quality industrial parts will help prolong the longevity of the machines. There is a number of industrial parts manufacturers around the world that produce top quality components specifically for hydraulic systems.

Kumera Corporation, for example, provides impeccably designed gearboxes and clutches, to enable top quality power transmissions in the maritime industry.

Another example of a high quality pneumatic component manufacturer is Kauermann Kupplings. The company’s couplings are manufactured in Germany and include many leading trade names, such as Flexan highly flexible safer couplings and Kasi slip clutches. The German manufacturers also make Sanko oilless products, which provide a great solution for hydraulic components operating in extreme conditions.

Whether you have a Kumera clutch, Kauermann Coupling, or any other industrial hydraulic components that requires replacing, get in touch with YB Components, for all your industrial hydraulic parts solutions.