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Maier Rotary Joints by Maier Heidenheim


Maier Heidenheim are one of the most experienced manufacturers of rotary joints in the world. They create their high quality and reliable rotary joint products by aiming to integrate what they describe as their traditional core values of comprehensive customer-driven usability combined with a solid technological infrastructure based on the very best current and emerging technologies.


The company has been expanding for years and now has a very wide-reaching global presence, with Maier Heidenheim branch offices in Italy and China as well as in the United States of America. The company’s brand has a strong international reach of over forty Maier Heidenheim suppliers worldwide, such as YB Components, who guarantee businesses all over the world quick and easy access to Maier rotary joints and spare parts.


Maier Rotary Joints by Maier Heidenheim


The Maier rotary joints are a combination of components which come together to enable the rotation of the combined parts. Such parts are often used as a device to create a seal between a stationary pipe or tube that supplies an element, such as liquid, and a rotating component which would usually be in the form of a drum, spindle or other such rotating cylinder. These sealing components such as Maier rotary joints allow the flow of the supplied media into and out of the rotating drum or other such turning receptacle. The media usually associated with these rotary union devices include the likes of water, thermal oil, hydraulic fluid and a wide variety of chemical liquid coolants.


Maier Heidenheim describe their own particular brand of Maier rotary joints as components designed specifically for connecting stationary pipes to rotating rollers and tables with the purpose of transferring certain media (in liquid or fluid form) under pressure. The Maier rotary unions, as they are also sometimes called, can also be used to heat or cool a system.


Maier Rotary Joint Temperature and Pressure Thresholds


The Maier rotary joints manufactured by Maier Heidenheim are designed to be able to withstand extreme pressures and either very cold or very hot water. These rotary unions will manage steam temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius (482 degrees Fahrenheit). If the media being transferred via the rotary unions is hot oil, then the Maier rotary joints can manage an increased temperature of up to 390 degrees Celsius (734 degrees Fahrenheit).


The upper pressure threshold when transferring hydraulic oil is 350 bar, with the upper air pressure limit set at 40 bar. Chemical coolants used with Maier rotary joints have a pressure capacity of up to 150 bar.


Applications of Maier Rotary Joints


Maier rotary joints can be found in a wide variety of industrial sectors such as in the machine tool industry and in the fields of textile, plastic and paper production. Other industries making good use of these Maier Heidenheim parts include rubber manufacture, food production, as well as the steel, chemical and energy industries.


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