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Machinery Maintenance and Gearbox Repair Services


Machinery maintenance is important for keeping mechanical assets in good working order as it minimises the need for costly downtime. Machinery maintenance will usually involve a schedule of regular servicing such as routine checks, repairs and the replacement of worn components. 

Often the maintenance of industrial machinery is implemented reactively once a machine shows signs of impeded performance, such as a firm calling upon a gearbox repair service after the gearbox has broken down. It can also be handled proactively using various preventive and predictive measures.

Proactive maintenance can be the more advisable strategy in certain circumstances as it keeps machinery in good condition without requiring downtime for repairs. Machinery monitoring equipment can detect performance fluctuations and detect problems before they cause a breakdown.

Machinery Maintenance Roles

Different workers can be responsible for different types of machinery maintenance, so let’s have a quick look at what kind of workers are responsible for which kind of maintenance.

Mechanics will often perform a variety of necessary maintenance. They don’t usually employ advanced diagnostics or predictive equipment and will typically call upon their experience and knowledge of the machinery to identify the solutions to any malfunctions. They are often responsible for the likes of gearbox repair services due to the hands-on nature of the task.

Technicians do rely on diagnostics and monitor equipment using computers and other predictive instrumentation to identify problems. They receive the technological information and find a solution without relying on visual inspection like a mechanic would. Technicians will sometimes perform the necessary maintenance themselves, or simply use their data to aid and instruct mechanics.

Industries that Rely on Machinery Maintenance

A wide variety of industries are heavily reliant on skilled machinery maintenance. These include the automotive parts manufacturers and their vehicle assembly processes. This industry uses a large amount of automated equipment such as conveyor systems and robotic welders which require constant monitoring and frequent maintenance. Reactive gearbox repair services are often called upon for clients of the automotive industry, but the industry itself leans more toward proactive maintenance to keep the production line rolling along.

The food and beverage production industries also need regular maintenance for the equipment they use such as conveyor systems, pumps, ovens, filling machines and packaging machines. These industries are especially reliant on skilled maintenance as hygiene is a vital additional factor when producing consumable goods.

Most kinds of manufacturing facilities will need their equipment operating at optimum performance levels at all times as they will have deadlines and quotas to fulfil. Machinery downtime in the manufacturing sector can have a serious knock-on affect causing loss of contracts with clients who are relying on their products being produced on time to the requisite standard.

All of these industries and many others will usually rely on a combination of mechanical and technical maintenance.

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