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Linear Bearings Guide


There are two basic types of linear bearing, one with a plain element and another with a rolling element. They both serve the same general function but differ in their design and in the performance they produce. They each consist of mechanical components that allows relative motion between one surface supporting another while minimising friction created between the two.

There are many high quality linear bearing products for a wide variety of applications available through linear bearings suppliers. Yorkshire-based YB Components keep local stocks from the best linear bearing manufacturers so they are ready to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Delivery can even be completed on the same day of ordering for businesses needing linear bearings in Yorkshire areas such as Leeds, Castleford, Bradford, Wakefield, Pontefract and Knottingley.

Here are some of the linear bearings suppliers YB Components can deliver:

PMI/AMT Linear Bearings

Manufactured by the PMI Group, AMT linear bearings include the popular MSA Series which feature trains of balls designed with a special contact angle of 45 degrees. This angle enables bearings to handle equal loads in radial, reversed radial or lateral directions, and allows their products to be applied in any installation direction.

The MSA Series of AMT linear bearings are high precision bearings thanks to a well balanced pre-load that lets the machine operator increase the rigidity in four different directions without increasing frictional resistance.

The PMI Group employs a proprietary method for distributing the lubricant used with AMT linear bearings to ensure an even distribution during each circulation loop.

Sferax Linear Bearings

The Sferax linear bearing products are designed to reduce friction to allow heavy loads to be moved longitudinally with minimum effort, making their linear ball bearings exceptionally energy efficient.

A thin-bodied lubrication such as lithium-based grease is recommended for high speed applications, although the thickness of the lubrication should be determined by how much speed is being used in the application. The slower the speed, the thicker it can be.

Standard Sferax linear bearings come with either a Polyamid ball tray or a solid brass precision-milled ball tray. These metric linear ball bearings have a rigid housing made from 100 Cr6 bearing steel hardened to 63 HRC. The additional advantage that the Polyamid ball tray provides is a smooth and jerk-free operation with a significant reduction in noise, though they will not be suitable for all applications.

INA Linear Bearings

All INA linear bearings feature individual characteristics that are best suited to different applications according to load capacity, acceleration requirements, constant speed and stroke. Other factors considered in the design of INA linear bearings include temperature and vibration resistance as well as lubrication and maintenance.

If you require any AMT linear bearings, Sferax ball bearings or any of the INA linear bearing products then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading linear bearings suppliers in Yorkshire.