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Linear bearing mistakes to avoid


Do you use Sferax linear bearings? Or maybe you rely on AMT linear bearings? Whatever type of linear bearing you use, there are several mistakes you should endeavour to avoid.

Using plain bearings for a linear application

When you are installing linear bearings, it is important that you use the right bearings for the application. For example, using plain bearings for a linear application is likely to cause irregular motion or binding.

Failing to mount the bearings on a flat surface

If bearings are mounted to a surface that isn’t rigid or flat, chatter is likely to occur. The same can be said if the bearings are not aligned correctly.

The spacing of the bearings

As the manufacturers of plastic plain bearings and other industrial components Igus advise in their ‘Techtalk Design Advice Series’, bearings need to be space sufficiently apart relative to the drive force or the cantilevered. Failing to set the bearings wide enough apart during installation runs the risk of chatter taking place as the bearings slide in either one or both directions.

The spacing of the shafting

Igus also warns about the potential problems caused if the shafting or the rails are not spaced adequately apart relative to the load.

Failing to evaluate external factors

In an article about avoiding common motion control mistakes, Helix Linear Technologies talk about the importance of evaluating external factors which can significantly impact performance.

According to Helix, when using motion control devices, users should look beyond the system and closely inspect other external factors which could impede the performance of motion control equipment. Helix Linear advises looking at “seemingly innocuous” environment factors such as air ducts, windows and lamps.

Selecting bearings merely on price

You might find that AMT linear bearing suppliers quote you a cheaper price than Sferax linear bearing suppliers, or perhaps vice-versa. Whilst it is tempting to opt for cheapest option, as Helix Linear advises, you shouldn’t select components only on price.

Like almost everything we buy, the cheapest product available could easily equate to the weakest performer, and having to purchase another linear bearing shortly after you have not long bought one, would not be the most cost-effective solution.

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