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Legris Push-In Fittings


Legris started out as a small valve manufacturing company in France back in the middle of the nineteenth century. They soon expanded their business to produce surgical instruments and various other copper-based equipment such as gas nozzles and boilers. Luckily for a great many industries today, Legris’ business model continued to evolve with the times.


In 1969, the company invented the world’s first push-in fitting. Of course, this went mostly unnoticed at the time as people were understandably slightly more excited about the first human beings landing on the moon. But the invention of the push-in fitting would make this a landmark year for industrial components manufacturers with or without Apollo 11’s adventures.


Legris Push-in Fittings


These clever components allow for very quick circuit assembly for a wide variety of pneumatic purposes, conveying compressed air, gas or liquids across a broad range of different pressures and within both high and low temperatures. Thanks to the push-in fitting, connection and disconnection of the circuits can now be manually achieved immediately.


Since inventing that very first push-in fitting back in 1969, Legris the company has continued to grow, branching out into other fields as well as acquiring smaller companies such as Comap and Potain, who manufactured heating fittings and construction cranes respectively.


By 2007, Legris SA as it was then known, had a turnover of up to 230m Euros thanks to their 2,000 employees spread across their presence in 35 countries. Further changes were afoot, with Legris most notably coming under the banner of the Parker Hannifin Corporation in 2008. The takeover resulted in the company first becoming known as Parker Legris, though later this would officially be changed to Fluid System Connectors Division Europe. However, many in the business still simply refer to the company and their wide range of fittings by their original name, Legris.


Legris Products


Both the LF3000 and LF3200 range of durable composite Legris push-in fittings are ideal for pneumatic installations, with the latter especially suitable for very small pneumatic installations. They are both extremely precise and reliable, with the LF3000’s large vacuum capability and ability to withstand working pressures of up to 290psi (20 bar) making it a stand-out option for the majority of pneumatics operations. The LF3000 can also be used within a huge range of operating temperatures from minus 4 degrees up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. While the much more compact LF3200 is the solution for pneumatic circumstances sensitive to size and weights issues, both models can be used with all types of calibrated composite tubing.


The Liquifit and Liquifit Plus are what Legris describe as their ‘eco-designed’ range. They are specifically for water and beverage applications, with both models guaranteeing a reliable and compact connection for a variety of liquid transfer applications. That guarantee extends not just to operational capacity, but also to ensuring there is no fluid contamination occurring via the surrounding environment. This dedication to cleanliness makes the Legris Liquifit push-in fittings ideal for the transfer of sensitive fluids.


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