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Legris Push-in Fitting Products


Since inventing the world’s first push-in fitting back in 1969, Legris have continued expanding their range of products to include eco versions, extra compact versions and a special range especially for clean rooms and medical applications. Here we run through the fittings available through Legris suppliers YB Components.

Legris Liquifit

The Legris Liquifit is a reliable and compact connection for liquid transfer applications. The Liquifits are the eco push-in fittings for use with water and beverage applications. They come with an environmental protection guarantee and have been specifically designed to prevent fluid contamination.

Legris Liquifit+

The Liquifit+ (or Legris Liquifit Plus) has been designed specifically for applications transferring sensitive fluids. This special push-in product fits a variety of diameters and can be directly connected to stainless steel tubing with or without grooving. This Liquifit Plus maintains 100% cleanliness by reducing the growth of bacteria in the circuits.

Both the Liquifit+ and standard Liquifit push-in fittings are available with a metal adaptor made of stainless steel or FDA nickel-plated brass. The Liquifit metal adaptors are just as compact and reliable as the original fittings themselves, with the metal adaptor especially robust when used with metallic ports.

LF 3000 Push-In fitting

The modern version of the original LF 3000 range of durable plastic fittings are made with Polymer HR material and are ideal for use with compressed air applications and pneumatic installations. They are compatible for use with all types of calibrated plastic tubing. The vacuum capability of these Legris fittings is 28”Hg with working pressure up to 20 bar. The working temperature range is between minus 20 up to 80 degrees Celsius.

LF 3200 Push-In Fittings

The LF 3200 range of Legris push-in fittings measure just 3mm and thus are ideally used with very small pneumatic installations, especially those that feature very particular size and weight constraints. Despite their extremely compact size, products in the Legris LF 3200 range are all designed to have the same precision and reliability as the larger models.


LF 3600 Push-In Fittings


The LF 3600 range features ‘Low Lead Brass’ fittings that are designed to transport fluids for a wide variety of food applications, especially those using water or water vapour. They feature a working pressure up to 30 bar and can operate in temperatures ranging between minus 25 up to 150 degrees Celsius. All types of calibrated tubing are compatible with the versatile Legris LF 3600 fittings.


Legris Cleanfit


The Cleanfit push-in fittings are designed to be used for life sciences and clean rooms. This particular range of Legris products guarantees safety and productivity for the people and processes operating in clean rooms for medical procedures or scientific research. Wherever cleanliness is a priority, the Legris Cleanfit push-in fittings are ideal. They reduce contamination and maximise fluid efficiency to ensure optimum cleanliness wherever they are applied, even in the likes of vacuum-packed antistatic packaging.


If you require any Liquifit, Cleanfit or any of the other Legris products – then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Legris push-in fittings suppliers.