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Learning about Heynau Gearboxes


Heynau gearboxes are some of the best mechanical variable speed drives on the market, with their simple construction consisting of just a few components making them highly efficient and reliable. Known as Heynau getreibe in the company’s native Germany, the Heynau gearboxes are renowned not only for their efficient operational capacities, but for their durability and noise-reducing design.


While YB Components are able to ship these excellent speed drives and components all over the world, they also have the capacity to recondition old units via their repair services (more information on which is at the bottom of this article), though of course the success of this does depend on the condition and age of the unit.


Heynau Gearboxes (or Heynau Getreibe)


The Heynau gearboxes make use of a set of cones for transmitting the power via a steel ring which encapsulates the drive. The cones are adjustable in relation to the ring of steel, via which the user can adapt the operational speed within a range of 6:1 to 9:1 (which works out at a 3:1 reduction or 1:2 and 1:3 increases). Additionally, the speed range of the Heynau getreibe can be set while the machine is operational or resting.


The Heynau drives are actually capable of achieving several hundred speed and power variables via the addition of output reducers and motors for extra input power for a complete Heynau gearbox drive package.


Efficient, Quiet and Precise


The noise reducing design of the Heynau getreibes make their products ideal for any area where noise is an issue. Many industrial machines may be positioned near offices or other even other businesses and so reducing the noise made by the drives is important. The employees operating or supervising the machines will also greatly benefit from a reduction in noise.


The precision of the speed maintenance ability of the Heynau gearboxes is another excellent feature, ensuring a performance that is both efficient and consistently reliable. While some lesser quality drives may fluctuate depending on the power either being inputted or outputted, the Heynau drives can maintain the precise operational capability they have been set for.


Due to their simple design, the Heynau drives are not overcomplicated and thus do not use unnecessary amounts of energy. They do their job simply and efficiently and have well and truly earned their reputation for being one of the best variable speed drives in the world.


Heynau Getreibe’s Remarkable Durability


The durability of Heynau gearboxes means they only need sparing use of repair services like those provided by YB Components. The durability is due to a combination of special industrial machine lubrication, precise power transmission and good heat dissipation. The special lubrication comes in the form of Heynau’s own ‘Long-Life’ oil, which produces an ‘elasto-hydrodynamic effect to prevent any direct metal-on-metal contact betwixt the transmission surfaces.


Oil changes are unnecessary as the ‘Long-Life’ oil results in a very high resistance to abrasion, with the drives pretty much lubricated for life thanks to their sealed housings.


If you have any Heynau gearboxes that need reconditioning, then contact YB Components to discuss sending them over for analysis and a free quote on the repair services required.