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Leaf chains are rollerless chains used in a variety of material handling applications, perhaps most recognizably on forklift trucks as well as with cranes, hoisting gear and other lifting equipment. They are also used for holding counterweights as well as for the transmission of back-and-forth movements under weighted loads. They are sometimes referred to as cable chains or balance chains.

Leaf Chain Designs

There are two main types of leaf chain in their basic forms; the European-style roller chain standard ISO 606 type B, and the American-style standard ISO 606 type series A. The ISO standards have a minimum fatigue requirement, while the difference between the American and European types is a matter of minimal dimensional variation.Y

All types of basic leaf chains consist of figure-eight-shaped steel link plates that are fixed side-by-side on pins so the chain is able to move around the axis of each pin. They are primarily used in applications where the chain is kept in tension and can then be moved in either direction. Leaf chains are able to operate without a meshing sprocket thanks to their steel plate parts, plus the combination of plates (including both the outer and inner plates) can be customized according to the load weight.

The chain ends include inner and outer links so they can be easily connected to the machinery they are being used with.

Leaf Chain Specifications

Usually the specification codes for leaf chains series type consist of two letters. These will be most often be: AL series, LL series and BL series. The AL series of leaf chains should have link plates built with the same contour and thickness as the ANSI roller chain pin links of the same pitch. The LL series leaf chain is based on the original ‘British Standard’ chain dimensions, though modern versions conform to the same ISO 606 international standard mentioned above. The BL series leaf chains are designed to link plates that are thicker and have a larger contour than the AL series link plates of the same pitch.

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Leaf Chain Applications

The different classes of leaf chain suit different applications. There are agricultural leaf chains, conveyor belt leaf chains, engineering leaf chains, and power transmission leaf chains. Forklift trucks use leaf chains to power their forks when lifting pallets of goods, while other lifting equipment such as cranes and hoists use a similar method for even greater loads.

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