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Leading Couplings and Clutches Manufacturers


If you are looking for couplings and clutches from a couplings supplier, Yorkshire-based YB Components keep local stocks from the very best coupling manufacturers from all around Europe and the rest of the world.

The local stocks of couplings manufactured by companies such as Falk, Jaure, Kauermann and Reich, mean that YB Components can ship these parts quickly all over the UK and the world. For companies based in Yorkshire, delivery can even be on the same day as the order.

Here is a closer look at three of the coupling and clutches manufacturers also in stock.

Desch Couplings and Clutches

Based in Germany the coupling and clutches manufacturer Desch Couplings have long specialised in the design and manufacture of products for industrial applications. Since their founding in 1906, the business has stayed owned and operated by the same family ever since. The current management is now the fourth generation of the Desch family to run the company.

Some of Desch’s more popular couplings include the sturdy Orpex coupling and the flexible Habix and Hadeflex couplings.

The Desch clutch designs include the Planox clutch, designed to be extra flexible in order to safely transfer the required torque power while continuing to protect the drive mechanism. The Conax clutch is designed to protect the drive mechanism, while the Centrex clutch is a centrifugal clutch system and uses a combination of start-up couplings and safety friction clutches. This combination is able to make dry runs with a speed-dependent on/off switch.

Dinal Flexible Couplings

This manufacturer from Italy specialises in the design and manufacture of many different types of flexible coupling. They can be used with a variety of industrial applications where a constant rotational movement and absolute torque rigidity is needed.

Often stylised as, Dinal produce the Specialmatic Coupling and the series of Dinal GEL Couplings. The former have been specifically designed for applications where the transmission capacity needs a lot of distance between the quadrants. The Specialmatic allows the operator to add extra spacers and shafts up to six metres in length. The latter are usually used for the connection of tacho-generators, encoders and contactors, but also can be used with motors and other mechanical instruments.

Enemac Couplings

Another leading clutch and coupling manufacturer from Germany is Enemac, who specialise in the design and production of torque limiters and other specialist shaft locking devices. They were founded in 1981 and their products have grown in popularity to the point where they are used all over the world in many different applications.

Enemac’s Metal Bellow couplings are one of their most popular designs, while both the Jaw and Oldham couplings include electrical insulation for use with applications that require it. They also feature vibration damping technology.

If you require any couplings, clutches or torque limiters  then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading couplings suppliers.