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As the leading LAM suppliers in the UK, YB Components provide businesses based here and around the world with all of the LAM Technologies electronic equipment they need. From stepper drives and motors to power supplies and serial convertors, your local LAM suppliers has the exact parts and components you need for any application using LAM Technologies products.

The Italian company has been manufacturing products for industrial automation for over 25 years out of their plant in Florence, Tuscany, and has become a respected leader in the motion control field. The products available through LAM suppliers in the UK include high performance microstepping drives and high torque stepper motors. There are also DIN rail power supplies featuring braking resistor control, as well as industrial serial converters and line extenders.

Let’s look closer at some of the products in the Lam Technologies range available through your local Yorkshire-based LAM suppliers in the UK.

Stepper Drives by LAM Technologies

The range of high performance microstepping drives feature models suitable for a wide variety of applications. Some of the LAM stepper drives are controllable via the traditional step and direction control signals, as well as being programmable and commanded by the fieldbus control system for easy control.

LAM Technologies make good use of the latest digital technology to significantly reduce the overall dimensions of their stepper drive products, with their models including many advanced features. The stepper drives available through LAM suppliers in the UK also boast high-efficiency power stages, which limits energy wastage and overheating.

Other attractive features of the LAM stepper drive range include fast mounting on DIN rail and integrated oscillators.

Stepper Motors Available Through Lam Suppliers

The wide range of high torque stepper motors are characterised by their high torque and compact dimensions. The LAM Technologies stepper motors are best used in combination with the LAM stepper drives, and together they provide a modern motion control solution that produces a consistently optimal performance.

All of the stepper motors available through your local LAM suppliers are manufactured with NEMA-standard flanges, which enables them to be installed on both new applications and already existing systems. Also note that the stepper motors with NEMA34 and NEMA42 flanges have separate windings of 8 wires each, which enables them to be used in both bipolar series and bipolar parallel.

The high torque density produces an excellent dynamic performance, with the design of each LAM stepper motor optimised for use with microstepping drives.

Power Supplies and Serial Converters by LAM Technologies

LAM Technologies also manufacture unregulated, linear and switching power supplies. They feature high reliability in a compact size and provide an effective power supply solution for small and medium power devices.

The industrial serial converters and line extenders also available through LAM suppliers are commonly used in industrial plants. They feature galvanic isolation around the input, output and power supply signals, which is combined with a strong protection against electrostatic charges. These protections guarantee optimal performance even in harsh conditions.

If you require any Lam Technologies products, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading LAM suppliers in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.