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Laifual Drive distributors are now able to supply the full range of Laifual Drive harmonic reducers along with their selection of planetary gear reducers.

As Laifual Drive suppliers, YB Components recently posted a feature looking at Laifual’s planetary gear reducers on the website’s blog, so here we will focus entirely on the full range of Laifual Drive harmonic reducers.

LSS Series – Laifual Drive Harmonic Reducers

The LSS Series is an easy-to-operate combination product that features a cross-roller bearing with high rigidity to support external loads. They are available to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world through Laifual Drive suppliers YB Components.

A subset of the LSS Series is the LSN Series which is a lighter weight product. Compared with the standard version, the LSN series is 30% lighter but maintains the same performance.

There is also the LSG Series which have extra high torque capabilities as well as a higher load capacity while retaining the Laifual Drive harmonic reducer’s reliability. Compared to the standard version, the products in the LSG Series have a 30% higher torque capacity. Laifual also say this version has had its service life increased by 43% compared to the standard version.

LSD Series – Laifual Drive Harmonic Reducers

Laifual Drive distributors can offer this miniaturized product because Laifual  developed it due to the demand for such a product. The LSD Series has the same torque capacity as the aforementioned LSS Series but in a much more compact, thin-walled and smaller size.

LFS Series – Laifual Drive Harmonic Reducers

The LFS Series has been designed to be a combination product that is both light weight and ultra flat. It achieves this lightness and flatness by using a cross-roller bearing.

LFS Integrated series

The Integrated version of the LFS Series combines a harmonic drive with a small but high performing motor. The LFS Integrated Series boasts the highest input characteristics under the same gear conditions.

LHT Series – Laifual Drive Harmonic Reducers

The LHT Series is another combination product that uses a large diameter hollow hole with a flat shape. This combination of the large hollow hole with a flat shape makes the Laifual Drive harmonic reducers in the LHT Series very easy to operate.

LHN Series

For a super light weight product, look for Laifual’s LHN Series, which is a subset of the LHT Series. The LHN variety is 20% lighter than the standard product.

LHG Series

Another subset of the LHT Series is the LHG Series, which has increased torque capabilities and a higher load capacity. The torque capacity of the LHG harmonic reducer is 30% higher than the standard version, with the service life increased by 43% once again.

LHD Series – Laifual Drive Harmonic Reducers

The LHD series features a flex-spline combined with a flanging ultra short tube structure. This can be used when the circular spline is fixed with the flex-spline operating as the end output. The LHD Series can also used with the flex-spline fixed and the circular spline operating as end output.

If you require any series from the range of Laifual Drive harmonic reducers or planetary gear reducers then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Laifual Drive suppliers.