Industrial gearboxes, motors, couplings, clutches, ball bearings

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Couplings from Dresden   By specialists – for specialists

KWD Kupplungswerk Dresden GmbH can look back on a lengthy engineering tradition that dates back to the period of the industrial revolution.

This range of Couplings and Clutches is available from Y B Components Ltd

Hydrodynamic coupling


Hydrodynamic coupling
(with constant filling) TK- N

in combination with flexible coupling, brake drum, brake disc and pulley for power up to 1000 kW

4 1

Non positive locking clutches and brakes

Multiple disc friction clutches
mechanically, hydraulically and pneumatically engaged for wet and dry running
25- 63.000 Nm.

4 2

Pressure released and spring operated multiple
disc brakes FDLB, LB
Standard and special design
16- 100.000 Nm.

4 3

Multiple disc safety and start up clutches LASI, LAAN
torque limiting multiple disc friction clutches for wet and dry running 25- 25.000 Nm.

4 4

Clutches HSK
high flexible clutch HSKH
flexible clutch HSKE

vibration damping friction clutch and double, cones friction clutch with the ability to compensate axial, radial and angular misalignment 100- 950.000 Nm


Gear coupling

Gear couplings for industrial and railway applications ZAKU
for vertical and horizontal installation with large requirement for the misalignment ability, smooth running and service life 250- 630.000 Nm.

Bending and torsional flexible couplings

3 1

Flexible claw coupling made of plastic EKT
torsional and bending flexible plug in coupling, hubs made of plastic with aluminium insert 6,3- 100 Nm. Flexible jaw coupling EZK torsional and beding flexible plug in coupling 16- 2500 Nm.

3 2

Flexible claw coupling
ELKU, ELKU- N torsional and bending flexibel plug in coupling in 2 or 3 parts design with brake drum, brake disc or spacer 25- 100.000 Nm.

3 3

Flexible Pin type coupling
torsional and bending flexible plug in coupling with brake drum, brake disc or spacer 40- 100.000.0 Nm.

3 4

High flexible shaft coupling HEK high flexible and vibration damping shaft and flange coupling 1000- 100.000 Nm.

Torsional stiff bending flexible couplings

Torsional stiff all steel
couplings GMK backlash free, bending flexible wear- and maintenance free couplings 200- 200.000 Nm.

Flexible disc membrane coupling MEKU
backlash free, bending flexible and torsional stiff membrane couplings for high torques at highest speeds and operation temperatures 100- 100.000 Nm.

Metal bellows coupling MEBA
backlash free, bending flexible and torsional stiff for flange installation, with clamping hubs and in special design 4- 1400 Nm.

Overrunning clutches
Roller freewheels and sprag clutch in combination with a flexible coupling 10- 175.000 Nm.