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YB Components are proud to supply Kem-P Vibration Motors to UK customers.

They are Turkey’s Largest Vibration Motor Factory ! Kem-P Vibration Motors is the largest vibration motor factory not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East and the Balkans, with nearly 100 employees in a 10,000 m2 closed area. The manufacturing process, which started in the early 2000s, has carried Kem-P Vibration Motors to the market leader position in Turkey in 20 years, making them competitive with our German and Italian competitors in the world. Their company, which offers the high quality products to its customers with a reasonable price policy, is proud of being Domestic and National. In addition, with the Anti-Vibration Solutions and Oscillation Products they produce under the ESTA brand, it has the distinction of being the only company in the world that both manufactures Vibration Motors and offers Anti-Vibration Solutions. With Kem-P Vibration Motors and ESTA Anti-Vibration Solutions, it is possible to supply all the products you need from a single point. We are always with you with our continuous R&D studies, our increasing dominance in the global market and our customer-oriented solutions…


Kem-P Vibration Motors for All Industrial Applications… Kem-P Electric Foot Vibration Motors, Kem-P Electric Flange Vibration Motors, Kem-P Electric Three Phase Vibration Motors, Kem-P Electric Single Phase Vibration Motors, Kem-P Pneumatic (Air Air) ) Vibration Motors, Kem-P DC (Mobile Concrete Pump) Vibration Motors, Kem-P Concrete Block Machine Vibration Motors, Kem-P Mill Vibration Motors, Kem-P Vibrating Sieve Vibration Motors, Kem-P Micro Vibration Motors and many more. ..

EVM Series (Three Phase Vibration Motors)


EVM-M Series (Single phase Vibration Motors)


EVM-D Series (Mill Vibration Motors)

EVM D Series Kem P Industrial Vibration Motors

EVM-DC Series (DC Vibration Motors)

EVM DC Series Kem P Industrial Vibration Motors

FVM Series (Flanged Vibration Motors)

FVM Series Kem P Industrial Vibration Motors

MV-2 Series (Micro Vibration Motors)

MV 2 Series Kem P Industrial Vibration Motors

PV Series (Pneumatic Vibration Motors)

PV Series Kem P Industrial Vibration Motors