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Jauflex Elastic Coupling Features and Benefits  

The Jauflex elastic coupling is a non-lubricated elastomeric coupling manufactured by coupling specialists Jaure Couplings. The special design of the Jauflex elastic couplings provide torsional flexibility for applications that require a smooth torque transmission.

A Jauflex elastic coupling enables an application to accommodate both offset and angular misalignment between two connected shafts. These high quality Jaure products can also accommodate most axial displacement, especially any misalignment caused by thermal growth and foundation setting or pipe stresses that cause small machine movements during operation.

Jauflex Elastic Coupling Features

Jauflex elastic couplings feature a jaw-style hub made of steel. The flexible elements of these Jaure products also have precision-machined cavities, meaning that they have not been cast and are thus more flexibly accurate. The elastomeric elements contained within the Jauflex elastic coupling are also barrel-shaped and interconnected by a special ring, which means they form a single piece for easy installation and removal.

The steel hubs and precision-machined elastomeric elements together help eliminate torsional vibration from spreading to other components of the application, thanks to the elasticity and high dampening factor. Both sides of this Jaure product’s elements feature purposeful air circulation which helps remove and reduce the heat produced during operation.

Jaure have made the Jauflex elastic coupling available with three different elastomers with varying levels of hardness. The softest level of hardness is better suited for applications that require a smooth torque transmission, while the hardest level is better suited for applications requiring a larger torque capacity.

Jauflex Elastic Coupling Benefits

The benefits of the Jauflex elastic coupling include its ability to easily accommodate every kind of misalignment from offset and angular to axial. This Jaure product is also comparatively small in size compared to similar products, plus it doesn’t require any lubrication and only minimal maintenance.

The elastomeric element’s precision-machined manufacture keeps it this Jaure product lightweight, which can create a small residual imbalance but which can also be easily modified as and when necessary.

The fact that there is zero metal contact between the two jaw hubs means that the Jauflex elastic coupling is completely electrically insulated, ensuring safe operation of the application. The smooth surfaces of each hub jaw also mean that the Jauflex elastic coupling will have a long natural service life.

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As well as the Jauflex elastic coupling, the Jaure products range also includes the Crowned Tooth Gear coupling and the Lamidisc All Steel coupling. You can also get the TCB Barrel coupling which serves the purpose of an articulated joint.

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