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Iwis Chain Drive Systems


Ever since their founding in the late 19th century, Iwis have been growing into one of the world’s leading companies in the chain manufacturing industry. These days they are a globally active technology leader in the field of high-precision, top-quality chain drive systems for a wide variety of industrial applications.

With their company name usually stylised as all lower case (iwis), Iwis pride themselves on not just being a manufacturer of top quality chain drive products, but for being a development and system partner for industries such as those designing and manufacturing automotive solutions as well as those in the mechanical and plant engineering fields. Other industries benefitting from Iwis chain drive systems include the packaging, printing and food industries, anyone using agricultural and wood processing machinery, the medical and aerospace sectors as well as countless other industrial conveying applications.

With an assortment of brands available through Iwis chains suppliers that focus on the variable needs of different types of chain drive systems – such as heightened flexibility or increased tensile strength – Iwis have created a comprehensive product portfolio to provide solutions for every kind of chain drive system.

Iwis JWIS Chains

Iwis describe JWIS Chains as their premium brand. This JWIS brand utilises smart innovations along with proven engineering excellence to design and build tried and tested Iwis chain drive systems that focus on precision and sustainability. JWIS is the brand to meet any application challenges involving restricted tolerances that require high fatigue strength, top tier performance levels and breaking resistance standards.

Iwis ELITE Chains

Iwis have specifically designed the ELITE brand for medium-duty applications. Chains in the ELITE range have increased tensile and fatigue strength to a level that exceeds standard requirements. There are roller chains with attachments and large-scale conveyor chains, plus a variety of drive components and all sorts of other industrial chains and chain drive systems, all built for reliability and high availability.

Iwis FLEXON Chains

Iwis have developed their innovative FLEXON brand to provide numerous conveying solutions for automation systems that require more flexibility from their chain drives. Within the FLEXON chain range are the likes of flat top chains, multi-flex chains, cast steel chains and magnetic corner tracks.

Iwis Chain Drive Systems

Iwis provide a comprehensive range of roller chains in accordance with DIN and ANSI standards. Options include roller chains with straight side plates, heavy roller chains, double pitch types, corrosion resistant and maintenance-free chains, stainless steel chains and side bow chains. There are also numerous other special chains for use with many different applications.

For the automotive industry, Iwis have developed a deserved reputation as a valuable innovator thanks to their high-quality chain drive systems that are suitable for use with camshafts, injection pumps, differential shafts, oil pumps and auxiliary units which all help to drive every kind of vehicle engine imaginable.

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