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Itoh-Denki Motorised Drive Rollers Feature


Now available through Itoh-Denki suppliers YB Components are the superb motorised drive rollers for material handling conveyors.

Founded 75 years ago, Itoh-Denki has been pioneering motorised drive roller technology and have now established their presence on every continent with a variety of sales offices, assembly facilities and Research and Development centres across Europe and the rest of the world.

Itoh-Denki Suppliers

UK Itoh-Denki suppliers like YB Components can now provide Itoh-Denki motor rollers to OEMs and integrators, as well as to end-users with material handling intralogistics, components and solutions. The products can be shipped fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

As well as their wide range of motorised drive rollers and controllers for all types of applications, Itoh-Denki also manufacture advanced diverter modules for sortation and a flexible conveyor platform known as idPAC.

Itoh-Denki Motorised Drive Rollers

Motorised driver roller designs were originally developed decades ago, but the technology has been improving ever since thanks to innovations by companies like Itoh-Denki. Their motorised drive rollers are a core component of advanced automated conveyor systems widely used across many different industries and logistics centres around the world.

The Itoh drive rollers are designed to have a high capacity while remaining cost efficient. They are flexible, reliable and can be installed easily and safely.

The extensive range of motor rollers means the ItohDenki motor roller products can efficiently drive most types of conveyor applications, including for either light, medium or heavy loads transportation.

The ItohDenki motorised drive rollers can be controlled either by internal circuit boards or with external controllers. The control features can be pretty standard, such as simple speed and direction controls, or they can include ZPA-integrated logic, and there are even intelligent and programmable IoT networked controllers.

ItohDenki Diverter and Sortation Modules

Itoh Denki also design and build a range of diverter modules that provide flexible and cost-efficient solutions for sortation and diversion on industrial conveyor lines. The Itoh diverters are exclusively powered by 24V DC motorised drive rollers and are equipped with intelligent controllers. The ItohDenki diverters maintain an optimal performance while consuming only minimal energy.

The diverters feature a compact cassette design which enables a much easier integration into new or reconditioned conveyors. They can quickly and smoothly divert a wide range of load shapes, sizes and weights, and thus can be used in many different applications across many different industries in places such as distribution centres, parcel and postal sorting offices, and manufacturing plants.

Itoh-Denki idPAC Flexible Conveyor Platforms

Itoh Denki’s turnkey modular conveyor platform is called idPAC and features a nice and easy installation process, including simple configuration and modification of the conveyor lines.

The excellent flexibility provided by idPAC conveyor platforms is possible due to the  combination of their own 24V motorised driver rollers and their diverter module conveyor sections being pre-embedded with control logic and advanced transport control software.

If you require any ItohDenki motorised drive rollers, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Itoh-Denki suppliers.