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Itoh-Denki Distributors and Applications   


The Itoh-Denki motorised drive rollers, controllers and diverter modules available through Itoh Denki distributors YB Components are used in a wide variety of industries and by many well known businesses and brands.

They are popular because they efficiently convey and sort all kinds of load sizes and weights from the most basic conveying and routing processes to much more complex sorting conveyor systems.

The versatility, ease of installation and simple configuration of Itoh-Denki motorised rollers, controllers and diverter modules means they can be integrated into a huge amount of applications and processes.

Itoh-Denki Applications

As an Itoh-Denki distributor, YB Components know a lot about the many different applications the Itoh Denki motorised drive rollers, controllers and diverter modules are used for.

On conveyor systems alone, they are used for the likes of zero-pressure accumulation or ZPA, plus the motorised rollers are especially popular for merging loads from one conveyor belt to another. They are also used for all sorts of belt on roller applications and multidirectional diverter modules.

Itoh-Denki motorised rollers are used for a number of acceleration and deceleration purposes, and for moving loads around curved conveyor belts.

Itoh-Denki Distributors and End Users

While YB Components are the leading Itoh-Denki distributors in the UK, the reliability and versatility of their products has seen them used by major brands and businesses all around the world. As you can see below, they are especially popular in the vehicle manufacturing industry, but they are suitable for many other applications too.

Bosch, the German multinational engineering and technology company famous for their tools, use Itoh-Denki products at their various engineering plants. Volkswagen also use them for various stages of their vehicle manufacturing processes.

The French home equipment manufacturer Brandt use lots of Itoh-Denki products. They use them in the manufacture of cooking appliances, washing machines, dryers and refrigerators at their various manufacturing facilities around France, Italy and Algeria. Michelin also use Itoh-Denki’s rollers and controllers for their tyre-manufacturing purposes. Another French firm, Valeo, also rely on Itoh-Denki distributors during their production of vehicle electrification systems.

Like France, Japan has a number of famous Itoh-Denki customers including Sony, Toshiba, Toyota and Canon.

In America, the United States Postal Service uses Itoh-Denki motorised rollers for the sorting and transporting of packages. British luxury car firm Jaguar are one of Itoh-Denki’s customers from closer to home.

Amazon are perhaps the most famous Itoh-Denki customer of all, with their warehouses and sorting offices all over the world.

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