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Introducing Regina Chains   

YB Components are pleased to announce Regina Chains as the new addition to their already extensive range of industrial chains and components available to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Regina Chains use their deep technical and applications know-how concerning chains and related products in their advanced Research and Development. They have an impressive amount of experience using steel and plastic materials with their in-house manufacturing capabilities to offer the very best industrial chain and conveyor solutions to end users.

Regina Chains Now Available

Based in Italy, Regina Chains is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of standard and special roller chains and conveyor chains, as well as other belts and components. Their signature products such as the Regina FliteTop, Regina Matveyor and Regina ULTOP are all now available to order through Regina Chains suppliers YB Components.

The Regina Group company was originally established in 1919, and has since passed through four generations of the same family ownership. The Regina Chains company benefits from this succession of familial expertise, using their long-standing technical knowledge and manufacturing know-how to produce a high quality and diversified product range.

Regina Chains Product Applications

The Regina Group designs and builds chains for three different sectors, including their Regina industrial chains and components for both standard and special industrial applications. These Regina roller chains are especially useful for heavy lifting.

They also make conveyor chains, belts and components, including both stainless steel and plastic chains, for the beverage, packaging, glass and food industries, among many others.

There is also an excellent line of Regina chains for the primary and secondary transmission of motorcycles, as well as timing chains, tensioners and other devices for motorcycle applications.

Regina Industrial Chains

The wide range of Regina industrial chains includes standard and specialised chains for industrial applications. There are the standard ISO-normalised chains, as well as light and heavy conveyor chains that come with an assortment of attachments such as extended pins and pushers. They also make heavy lifting chains, film gripper chains, oilfield chains, transport chains and agricultural chains among many others.

All of the Regina industrial chains are available in a variety of steel grades including carbon and stainless steel. There are also various corrosion resistant surface treatments and lubrication options, including some of the most advanced lubrication-free chains such as their Enduro Series.

Regina Conveyor Chains

The range of Regina conveyor chains includes high quality products suitable for bottling, packaging, glass, food and can manufacturing applications. These include stainless steel chains, plastic chains and plastic modular belts. There are also Regina gripper chains which include options such as machined or molded sprockets, plus magnetic, TAB or bevel curves.

If you require any Regina Chains products such as their industrial chains or the Regina FliteTop, Regina Matveyor or Regina ULTOP conveyor chains, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Regina Chains suppliers.