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Internet of Things and the maintenance of industrial parts


Imagine this. You’re operating a power tool for endless hours a day. It’s working great but all of a sudden this essential piece of machinery to keep your business in operation informs you that its Sirem pump is about to give up or its Sumitomo gearbox has ceased working.

Sounds impressive and perhaps a tad on the implausible side, right?

Or maybe not.

According to Douglas Bellin of Cisco, such predictive measures would be a tremendous value to the mining industry and other industrial sectors, as it would significantly reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

The prospect of creating predictive maintenance in industrial machinery to benefit operations and downtime in key industrial sectors, was discussed at a recent SAP Mining Forum.

Achieving such measures could be made possible if companies were to make the Internet of Things (IoT) part of their operations.

According to Bellin, in the mining industry the most immediate impact of the IoT would be the improvements to maintenance of mining heavy machinery and other assets.

As we all know waiting until a crucial Sit coupling, a vital Planox clutch, important Joboflex couplings, or other essential industrial components fail within a piece of equipment, causing the machine to break down, leads to downtime and ultimately lost revenue.

As a means of eradicating such problems, some companies are implementing preventative maintenance programs.

As Douglas Bellin writes:

“They proactively use the information within their devices to start to understand if and when a component may fail.”

Intervention before failure

Citing the example of using a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of essential components to detect any abnormal rises or drops in temperature, Bellin says would enable businesses to intervene before the equipment failed.

“This allows the mining company to have a planned downtime window, meaning (1) the downtime isn’t a surprise and (2) the impact on revenue is lessened.”

Whether it’s a Hadeflex coupling or a Kumera clutch, the breakdown of any industrial part can create huge problems for industries like mining.

The innovative possibilities of the IoT could prove to positively impact industrial sectors.

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