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YB Components have access to the best couplings manufacturers around the world. The selection of coupling designs is almost inexhaustible, so below we will take a brief look at just some of the coupling manufacturers available through the YB Components website.

To see all of the available couplings manufacturers, visit the Couplings and Clutches section of the YB Components website.

Desch Orpex Couplings

The Orpex couplings by Desch are usually found being used with heavy drives because they are one of the most reliable machine components for extreme load weights. Their design means they are practically maintenance-free, eliminating downtime for repairs and other maintenance. They also have the ability to self-align during operation which enables them to create 100% reliable torque transmission.

Falk Couplings

The couplings manufactured by Falk are known for their durability. They have also been designed to be versatile and thus they are suitable for a variety of useful applications, with both their Wrapflex couplings and Steelflex couplings having a proven performance record.

Juboflex Couplings

The Juboflex coupling model is one of the most flexible couplings on the market. The extreme flexibility is derived from the pre-compressed natural rubber connected with bonded metal spacers that acts as the ductile element. Juboflex couplings mostly come with die-cast steel flange mounts, though some cast iron flanges are available too.

Jaure Couplings

Jaure manufacture high quality TCB Barrel couplings, which are most often used for applications such as crane lifting mechanisms, winch conveyors and mechanical platform hoists. They also produce the Crowned Tooth Gear Couplings and the Lamidisc All-Steel Coupling, which is specially designed to not need regular maintenance. The Lamidisc coupling also features high resistance to harsh environmental conditions while minimising the amount of backlash thanks to being torsionally rigid.

SITEX Couplings

The various SITEX Coupling models are designed to be used with many different applications. The common feature of the application is that they turn with either axial or radial movement. SITEX couplings are able to minimise the impacts of the bearing loads during instances of misalignment. The SITEX FL coupling is made of a single steel hub, while the SITEX ST coupling can feature either one or two hubs along with a sleeve through which the torque is transmitted.

Rectus Hose Couplings

Rectus Hose Couplings are at the forefront of coupling technology advancements thanks to a variety of departmental innovations in the field of pneumatic and hydraulic couplings. Their Type 20 coupling is available with either a one-sided connection or with a double seal. This ‘quick connect’ coupling is extremely small and so can be used for a variety of particular applications such as robotics and medical instrumentation.

Reich Couplings

Reich manufacture multiple types of coupling models for use with a wide variety of applications, such as power generation plant machinery and with combustion engines where they help minimise the risk of thermo-acoustic combustion instabilities. Reich coupling designs can be very flexible or torsionally rigid, depending on the application’s requirements.

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