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Industrial unit maintenance

As we looked at in our last blog, repairing an industrial unit, such as a Sirem gearbox or a Kumera clutch, is often less less time-consuming and more cost-effective than buying a new part. However, there are times when an industrial unit is at the end of its lifeline and simply isn’t worth repairing.


Whilst all industrial equipment and components are by no means infinite and have a lifeline, the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ can be applied to all types of industrial units, no better how big or small. In order to prolong the lifeline of Zurrer worm gears, variable speed belts, Tschan couplings and virtually every component and device designed for industrial operations, it is important that you keep the equipment well-maintained.


So what are the best ways to maintain and optimise the longevity of gearboxes, clutches, belts, variable speed pulleys and other essential industrial equipment parts?




Lubrication is one of the most important components of industrial units, such as Worm gearboxes and Steelflex grid couplings. Oil essentially as two main functions in industrialised equipment – It keeps components cool and it helps prevent components from wearing.


As most gearbox and other internal components failure can be attributed to improper lubrication it is vital that you regularly lubricate the equipment. It is obviously important to determine the type of lubrication, which are either grease-like or fluid. The consistency of the lubrication will directly impact how effective the lubrication system is in adequately lubricating the gear.


Regularly cleaned and dusted


As operating components like Spaggiari gear-motors and Sirem drums are typically operated in dirty, dusty environments, it is vital that you minimise the negative effects of factory dust and debris

has on machinery. Internal components, such as gearboxes and clutches should therefore be regularly brushed clean of debris. All inspection ports should be closed during the dusting down of equipment and operators must take care not to drop anything into rotating components.


Temperature checks


There is nothing quite like overheating to damage industrial machinery. Fortunately, a number of checks can be carried out to ensure the necessary action is taken before overheating occurs. The temperature of the equipment should be recorded on a shift by shift basis. Not only this but the oil slump temperature should be measured and oxidisation should be checked for in the oil drum.


The breather


Dust and water should not be allowed to egress into the breather. Failing to prevent liquid and debris from entering the breather can result in permanent damage to the gearbox. The breather should therefore be stored in a clean area of a working environment, away from water and dust.


Have you got any tips of maintaining Spaggiaria geared-motor units, Sirem drums, Liming gearboxes, or any other type of industrial equipment components? If you have, we’d love to hear about them.