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Industrial Shock Absorbers and Anti-Vibration Mounts


Industrial equipment often experiences an abundance of shocks and impacts, either as a result of the usual applications or as unexpected loads suddenly occurring because of a deviation in the operational process.

Often such shocks are pre-empted during the design phase of the equipment, with special shock absorbing materials incorporated into its manufacture. Additional shock-absorbing and vibration-dampening components can be integrated afterwards to help minimise the forces caused by shock loads and constant operational vibrations.

Types of Shock-Absorbers and Anti-Vibration Mounts

The primary purpose of any shock reduction component is to absorb or deflect kinetic energy away from the load as it stops, sometimes converting it into thermal energy which is then dissipated as heat. This process prevents the kinetic energy created by the shock caused by an impact or ongoing vibration from rattling through the entire machine and structure, increasing its exposure to wear and tear.

Such vibration-dampening technology such as shock absorbers can be integrated for use with both rotary and linear loads. There are different designs that can also be specifically used for loads that roll, slide or drop onto an collection surface.

Another option are pneumatic cushions which convert kinetic energy into thermal energy. This type of shock absorber features a stopping force that is non-linear, which means the stopping mechanism increases sharply at the end of the stopping stroke, due to the compressible air of the pneumatic cushion running out (though hopefully the device has done its job by this point!).

Alternative shock reduction technology includes the likes of simple springs and rubber bumpers, with these usually absorbing the kinetic energy before releasing it back into the load via a rebound or bounce of the energy. This action makes them useful shock absorbers for slowing down or even completely stopping a load’s movement.

Linear Industrial Shock Absorbers

A lot of heavy industrial machinery require linear shock absorbers, which basically means there is no rebound or bounce at the end of the load deceleration process. Not instigating a bounce in response to the load’s stop means such linear shock absorbers can stop heavy loads faster than non-linear dampening mechanisms. They also stop loads smoother and in a more predictable way.

AMC Anti-Vibration Mounts

The anti-vibration mount is a speciality of manufacturer AMC Mecanocaucho. They have designed and built multiple variations including the BRBX Captive anti-vibration mounts which features compressed rubber anti-vibration elements. The rubber sections of this model have a high profile which helps to deflect the shock from large impacts.

The range of AMC Anti-Vibration Mounts also includes the BRB Captive and BSB Engine models. These AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts are usually used with applications where vibration isolation is a top priority, such as with the likes of ventilators, compressors, pumps and industrial vehicles.

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