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Industrial Rollers


Motion control systems rely on a number of separate components to function. Motors are vital of course, but the rollers are just as important to the motion control system’s ability to operate as it should.

Industrial Roller Chains

Rollers chains are the most popular industrial roller design. Such rollers consist of five basic parts, including a pin, a bushing, a pin link plate and roller link plate, as well as the rollers themselves. Different types have different tolerances and optimal performance conditions, and their primary applications involve drives and conveyors.

There are many excellent manufacturers of roller chains. Supplier Yorkshire-based YB Components keep plenty of local stock of such important parts, which have the benefit of being a simple method for transferring mechanical energy. They are designed to have a normal chain link structure, usually in the form of multiple cylindrical rollers linked together. The chain is then moved via a rotating sprocket powered by the connected motor.

Such roller chains can be susceptible to wear and tear and need replacing eventually. As they wear out, they become looser which makes them less stable than they are during their prime condition. Roller chains will usually require some form of lubrication to operate smoothly.

Roller Chain Maintenance

The damage from general wear and tear as well as more direct damage such as corrosion can be minimised with the right kind of maintenance schedule. The most important item to address is the aforementioned lubrication, which the roller chain operators must ensure is properly administered at all times to help extend the life of the chains by restricting wear and tear to the absolute minimum. Proper lubrication can also avoid corrosion, which can quickly shorten the lifespan of a roller chain.

Depending on the rollers in question, fatigue resistance can be improved with the addition of certain proprietary parts produced by the original manufacturers of the chains. These additional parts could come in the form of specially hardened pins or rivets. There may also be specific chain dimensions for certain applications which further helps to minimise fatigue as well as wear and tear.

There are also many roller chain manufacturers that make corrosion-resistant chains, especially useful for environments where corrosion is more likely. Corrosion-resistant materials usually include stainless steel, nickel-plate or titanium, plus they can be combined with special polymers that are also resistant to corrosion.

Roller Chains Manufacturers

There is a wide range of rollers available for different applications. Roller chains supplier Yorkshire-based YB Components can ship them on the same day they are ordered for businesses based nearby in places like Castleford, Bradford, Leeds, Knottingley, Wakefield and Pontefract. These crucial machinery components can also be shipped quickly and for free all over the UK and internationally.

Manufacturers whose roller products are available include Ave Chains, Rulmeca Rollers and Osborn Rollers.

If you require any rollers or roller chains, supplier Yorkshire-based YB Components are the UK’s leading rollers and roller chains suppliers so get in touch today.