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There are many pneumatic industrial components for a wide variety of applications that are available through YB Components. For any companies based in Yorkshire, you can expect exceptionally fast delivery from our local stocks of these pneumatic parts as we aim to dispatch orders the same day they are made, wherever possible. We also ship for free all over the UK and around the world.

Here is a quick glance at some of the pneumatic industrial components available for order…

CKD Pneumatic Industrial Components

CKD Index Units are primarily used in the assembly industry, with CKD’s models operating with a roller gear cam to help absorb the shock of stopping, even at high speed. These high-quality pneumatic units feature high rigidity and accuracy and are most commonly used at high speed, with mechanical motion control possible thanks to the unit’s synchronization characteristics. Ideal for indexing tables and pitch feed conveyors as well as pick and place drives, these pneumatic industrial components are available in a range of sizes starting at a 40mm distance between axes, up to a maximum distance of 250mm.

Additional Index Units in the CKD selection include alternative models that have aluminium housings and grease lubrication as well as hollow output shafts that feature average bore sizes. Other CKD Index Units enable either wide angle indexing or multi-segmented indexing. The CKD Direct Drive Motors and Actuators plus the full range of CKD Pick and Place Units are also available through YB Components.

Mec Fluid 2 Pneumatic Components

Mec Fluid 2 began the production of standard pneumatic components in the early 1980s and soon extended their operations to include special pneumatic products. They have invested in innovation, made good use of specialized operators, tools and systems of measurement for testing, and remain dedicated to satisfying the evolving demands of a market which grows ever more competitive.

The three main pneumatic products manufactured by Mec Fluid 2 are pressure boosters, pneumatic valves and pneumatic actuators. The pressure boosters let you increase the amount of air pressure available in a system, while the pneumatic valves enable you to stop or divert the flow of the system’s product with there being a variety of options available according to how many lines you require the product to be diverted into. The pneumatic actuators perform a variety of mechanical tasks at the expense of the energy of the pressurized fluid in the system. Some Mec Fluid 2 actuators perform displacements while others perform rotations via different kinds of cylinders.

Pemaks Pneumatic Parts

The main Pemaks parts are pneumatic cylinders designed to provide a fast and reliable fixture for many different applications. They are frequently used in heavy lifting applications, especially in the metal working industry. Pemaks pneumatic cylinders are also popular in any operation where speed is crucial, particularly in assembly and labelling production lines.

Pemaks parts use a special metal seal which protects the piston rods inside the pneumatic cylinders from any extreme conditions and from any damaging particles which may otherwise work their way inside and negatively affect their performance. The proprietary ‘Rod Lock System’ locks the central rod in place should any problems occur with the air system.

If you require any industrial pneumatic components such as those made by CKD, Mec Fluid 2 or Pemaks Parts, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading industrial pneumatic components suppliers.