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Industrial Gearboxes and Transmissions

The words ‘gearbox’ and ‘transmission’ are often used interchangeably, though there are differences as to what each actually means. The differences will be largely dependent on which side of the Atlantic ocean you come from, but with so many excellent industrial gearbox manufacturers out there, it is worthwhile pausing a moment to consider what each term actually means according to who.

Transmission or Gearbox?

Transmission exists within a power transmission system, which then enables a controlled application of the power being generated. Gearboxes use gears and gear-trains to generate power by converting speed and torque from a rotating power source into another device. The word ‘transmission’ as applied in British English refers directly to the entire drive-train and incorporates the clutch, gearbox, differential, final drive shafts and even the prop shaft present in rear-wheel drive vehicles.

It is with U.S. English where the confusion arises (for those of us raised with British English anyway), as Americans commonly use the term ‘transmission’ to refer specifically to the gearbox all by itself.

Industrial Gearbox Distributors

There are many high quality transmission or industrial gearbox manufacturers’ products available through YB Components, who keep local stocks ready to ship immediately to ensure they remain the UK’s leading industrial gearbox suppliers.

Based in Yorkshire, YB Components are able to ship out parts for gearboxes and transmissions on the same day they are ordered to customers ordering from areas such as Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract, Knottingley and Castleford. Such parts can also be shipped out quickly and for free across the whole of the UK and all around the world.

YB Components also offer local on-site technical support to ensure your ordered components are fitted and installed correctly and operate to their absolute maximum performance capability. The service also begins with helping you identify the parts you need for your particular industrial machinery, even if you are not certain which part is causing the problem.

UK Gearbox Repair Service

Customers based in the UK can also take advantage of the gearbox repair service where gearbox repairs are carried out under strict control. If new gears are required then YB Components themselves will source them from the original gearbox manufacturer if possible, or have them specially cut to sample if necessary. Bearings such as SKF and FAG (where possible) and seals will all be replaced as part and parcel of the service.

All you need to do is send your gearbox to the UK’s leading industrial gearbox suppliers for a full inspection and report, which will be carried out free of charge. Once the repair is complete, it will automatically carry a full twelve month warranty.

In a worst case scenario where the extent of the repair job is just not economically viable, YB Components will be able to advise you regarding an alternative solution that will save you both time and money.

If you require any transmission parts, gearboxes or gearbox repair services, then contact YB Components who are proud to be the UK’s leading industrial gearbox distributors.