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Industrial gearbox repair versus gearbox replacement

Experiencing problems with an industrial gearbox can cost you time and money, not to mention headaches. If the gearbox isn’t working at its optimum, your initial response might be to replace the unit. Repairing an existing industrial gearbox to a quality and good as new standard can cost significantly less than buying a replacement unit. What’s more, unless the industrial gearbox suppliers have a particular unit in stock, using a gearbox repair service can be a much quicker way to ensure you’re back with fully-functional, as-good-as-new machinery in no time. There is however certain instances when buying a replacement gearbox would be the best option.


Take a look what the best options are when your industrial gearbox breaks down.




As gearboxes are instrumental pieces of equipment for many companies, when they break, the cost of downtown can be severe. Sirem gearboxes, Spaggiari gearbox units, Zurrer gearboxes are all top quality industrial gearbox units. These high quality industrial devices, like many other makes of gearboxes, can also be expensive to replace.


A professional industrial gearbox repair company can repair a gearbox often for significantly less than it would cost to buy a new unit. A repair firm can fix keyways and shafts, housings and casings and have a gearbox operating as good as new for a snippet of the cost of gearbox replacement.


To prevent your company losing any more time and money request a quotation from a gearbox repair service company, even for gearboxes that are more seriously damaged or worn. A quality and professional gearbox repair services firm will source new gears, if they are required, from the original gearbox manufacturer, if they are still available. All repairs will also carry a lengthy warranty, giving you peace of mind.


Less time-consuming


Unless a gearboxes suppliers has a specific unit in stock, a newly ordered gearbox can take time to arrive on the shop floor. Whilst it might take a week or so for an engineer to restore a gearbox to its original capacity, a brand new gearbox could take much longer to be delivered.


So when would you need replace an industrial gearbox?


Like Kumera clutches, Sirem pumps, Steelflex grid couplings, and virtually every industrial component and device in existence, an industrial gearbox has an exhaustible life expectancy. Once a gearbox has reached the end of the gearbox manufacturer’s recommended operational period, it would prove prudent to completely replace the unit. Battling on with a gearbox that is at the end of its life is likely to breakdown and need repairing more frequently and with greater severity. All industrial gearboxes will eventually reach a point when it is no longer economically viable to keep having it repaired.


What are your thoughts about faulty industrial gearboxes – Get them repaired or buy a replacement?