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Industrial Conveyor Chain Standards   

As a popular industrial chain supplier in Yorkshire, YB Components keep a local stock of a wide variety of conveyor chains that are ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Local businesses in the Yorkshire area can also benefit from same day delivery in urgent situations. Obviously it is a good idea to know exactly what chain you need, but if that is not possible, then the experts at YB Components will be able to identify the specific conveyor chain required for a particular application.

There are many different designs and types, of course, so here we will look at two of the standards that cover all quality-manufactured chains between them.

British Standard Conveyor Chains

British Standard conveyor chains are manufactured according to the British Standard “BS 4116” which governs the tensile strength and dimensions of the chain and component parts. Similar to the ISO standard chains described below, British Standard chains have attachments such as drilled or offset plates, K attachments, scrapers and hollow pins.

The experienced industrial chain supplier in Yorkshire YB Components have a variety of British Standard chains available. These include conveyor chains with bushes that are intended for low speed applications such as heavy conveyors, feeders or scraper belts. Other conveyor chains are equipped with small rollers, such as those used in lifts and hoists where the speed is usually higher and thus requires a design that can absorb more vibrations and impacts.

Another basic British Standard conveyor chain design comes with wheels, which are technically rollers that have a diameter greater than the chain plate height. Such rollers can be plain or flanged for more accuracy, and each enables the chain to roll over a flat surface.

ISO Standard Conveyor Chains

These basic chains are similar to the British standard conveyor chains and comply with the ISO 1977 standard, which covers the minimum tensile strength as well as the pitch and type of pin and roller. The standard can also cover other specific features of conveyor chain plates.

Each chain’s individual design characteristics enter into their determine their designation. This could mean a certain chain for a certain application has a minimum tensile strength of 20kN, while another chain for a different application may be required to have a minimum tensile strength of 90kN.

ISO standard chains tend to have solid pins, as opposed to the usually hollow pins of British Standard chains. However, there are some ISO standard chains that are built with hollow pins, though usually only for chain applications that require the fastening of accessories or spacers that link a couple of chains working in tandem.

If you require any ISO standard or British Standard industrial conveyor chains, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading industrial chain supplier in Yorkshire suppliers.