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One of the enduringly tried and trusted linear actuation methods is the chain drive which is still used in many different industrial machinery applications today.

Usually they consist of a chain and a sprocket with a pin and bushing, as well as a roller with a pin link plate and a roller link plate. The chain works by wrapping around a driver sprocket and a driven sprocket, with the driver sprocket connected to the motor’s output which moves the chain. The driven sprocket is connected to the part of the application that needs to be moved.

Chain drives are a pretty simple method for the transmission of mechanical energy and are relied upon by many industrial applications because they are versatile, durable and can operate in many different environmental conditions.

Modern Chain Drives Developments

In recent years we have seen numerous innovations to improve industrial chains such as improvements to tensile strength, fatigue resistance and wear and tear resistance. Industrial chain suppliers, Yorkshire-based YB Components, supply chain drive products with superior performance to many belt drives thanks to less friction losses which produces higher operational efficiency.

Conveyer applications are still the most common application where industrial chains are used, with their versatility allowing them to operate horizontally or vertically, or even through conveyor sections that are curved.

Many applications also expose chain drives to various weather conditions, with the links and sprockets able to resist water and even harsh or corrosive chemicals. In mild and clean environments, chain drives can operate without lubrication.

Anti-corrosive chains will have a special coating such as nickel or various polymers, or be made from the likes of stainless steel or titanium.

AVE Chains

AVE Chains manufacture easily-assembled chain drives and plate chains. Their products offer high resistance to wear and fatigue and usually come with a low friction coefficient. Many of the AVE industrial chains can operate without anchors or other materials securing them to surfaces.

The range of AVE chains include variations in tensile strength and pitch, as well as different types of pins, roller and plates. AVE chains usually favour a solid pin, though there are several designs with hollow pins which allow for the fastening of accessory products such as spacers.

Low speed operations can make good use of the basic AVE chains manufactured with bushes. Additional options include the inclusion of special small rollers that protect the bushes and massively reduce wear and tear by minimising the effects of regular shocks and impacts.

The leading chains supplier in Yorkshire, YB Components, supply AVE Chains products among many other of the best chains and belt drive manufacturers from around the world.

If you require any industrial chains then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading industrial chain suppliers. Yorkshire-based and with local stocks ready to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.