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Industrial Bearings


Industrial bearings are very simple machinery components but are vital for enabling motion between two surfaces. They reduce friction between two moving parts by giving the connecting surfaces something to roll over instead of rub against.

The most common bearings are small metal balls, though there are some designs that incorporate rollers instead. The bearings are the part that roll or spin inside and against the smooth housing they are mostly enclosed in. They function as the load carrier with their exposed section enabling a load to move easily across a surface without causing friction.

It is important that metal ball bearings are free to move in radial or axial directions as well as lineal as they will likely encounter different kinds of load movement. It is also possible that such bearings will encounter loads that require multiple motions all at once. Smooth roller bearings are less versatile and usually just allow for linear motion.

Industrial Bearings Supplier

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There are many different types of bearing to suit a wide variety of applications. Here is a rundown of just some of the most common bearing types.

Industrial Ball Bearings

As previously described, ball bearings use metals balls to provide a low friction means of motion either between two bearing structures (races) or one integrated within a stationary surface. Ball bearings are extremely common, especially in applications with lighter loads. These bearing are best suited to such lighter weight tasks because the exposed part of the metal ball, or the contact area, is very small even though it is the load bearing part. This minimal contact area also makes ball bearings ideal for fast-moving applications.

Smooth Roller Bearings

Roller bearings can come in either cylindrical or spherical form. They are often used in applications such as conveyor belts and moving walkways. Roller bearings can handle much heavier loads than ball bearings thanks to their much larger surface contact areas. Cylindrical rollers can also withstand moderate thrust loads as the weight of the load is distributed across a much large area than with spherical rollers.

Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust ball bearings are specifically designed to withstand load misalignment and significant thrust loads. They are particularly useful in fast-moving applications.

Linear Motion Bearings

Linear bearings suppliers supply these products that are only capable of allowing motion in a single direction. They are typically used on either a slide or a rail to move loads along automatically, rather than have an external force move the load as with the previously described bearings. They can be powered by hand, though many use a motor to power the linear motion bearings.

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