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Increase company productivity regardless of your industry by repairing or exchanging vital parts

There’s not many industries that don’t rely on industrial machinery and equipment in some kind of shape, size or form. Whether it’s a SIrem motor, a Tschan tormax coupling, Zurrer worm gears or variable speed belts, almost all industries require the need to use equipment that comprises of gearboxes, couplings and other vital industrial components. And none more so than the textiles industry.

Textile manufacturing

Textile manufacturing is a major industry. The textile trade is primarily involved in the production of cloth and the subsequent manufacture of clothing. The raw materials used in the textile industries may be natural or synthetic. Cotton remains one of the most important natural fibres and consequently the types of machines used in the textile industry are influenced by processes involving cotton-based fabrics.

Whether it’s machinery for spinning, knitting, sewing, dyeing or weaving cotton in the textiles industry, equipment used to package food, or heavy industrial machinery used in quarrying, mining and shipping, all industries rely on machinery to ensure necessary processes are executed and the production line keeps rolling on.

Tip-top condition

It is within every company that requires the use of machinery to keep their business and industry in general afloat, to ensure the equipment is kept in tip-top condition.

Faulty Sferax linear bearings, a Pujol muntala gearbox that has ceased up, a Planox clutch which has seen better days or a defective Orpex coupling, will mean a vital piece of operations equipment is not running at its optimum. Machinery that is under-performing means production is hampered, ultimately jeopardising company profits.

To prevent this less than ideal situation occurring ensure you get your machinery regularly maintained. If a component, such as a Habix coupling or an Enemac clutch, appears to be faulty or is past its recommended lifespan, it would prove prudent to get the component either repaired or exchanged.

Being a leading coupling supplier and distributor of a diverse selection of industrial parts, YB Components have hundreds of clutches, gearboxes and couplings in store. We take exceptional care to ensure we supply the right part for your machine, first time round.

To date, YB Components have supplied Bergers speed belts, Conax clutches, Clc 40 switching amplifiers and a whole host of other vital industrial parts to companies of a wide range of industries in 33 countries around the world.

If you think your company operations would be improved by having your equipment serviced and parts exchanged, get in touch with YB Components.