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Important advice for industrial hydraulic motors


In a blog earlier this year, we explored how to maintain industrial hydraulic components in order to preserve the condition and to prolong the life of hydraulic components. We examined the importance of using the right fluid, avoiding using iron pipes, replacing the filters and changing the hydraulic fluid and avoiding exceeding operational limits, in the quest to keep hydraulic systems working in tip-top condition.

This blog will explore how we can similarly extend, or at least not shorten, the life of a hydraulic motor.

Hydraulic motors are a feature of hydraulic power transmission systems. As notes, the purpose of a hydraulic motor is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. These types of motors are often proven to be more suitable, efficient and economic compared to pneumatic or electrical motors.

Like all industrial components, from Orpex couplings to Senotec sensors, Sirem drums to Trasco flexible couplings, hydraulic motors have to be well-maintained and looked after in order to work at their optimum.

As Manufacturing Net rightly advises, the majority of problems associated with hydraulic motors can be related to two fundamental problems – improper fluid and improper operation.

Improper fluid

In order for the motor to keep working at its optimum, it must have the correct quality and viscosity of fluid. The fluid must also be clean and adequate in quantity and supply.

Improper operation

The other problem that often occurs with hydraulic motors is that they are forced to exceed their operating limits, which can ultimately lead to motor failure. Like every unit, component and piece of machinery, each hydraulic motor has its own design limitations in terms of torque, speed, pressure, load, temperature and displacement. In order to prolong the life of the unit, it is important not to exceed these limitations.

Getting your hydraulic motor repaired

If a problem has arisen with your industrial hydraulic motor, you may want to send it to a professional industrial component repair company. Similar to if you were, for example, researching gearbox repair services, there are certain features to look out for when researching repair companies. As questions such as how long has the repair service been in operation? Does it have good customer reviews and testimonials?

As Manufacturing Net also points out, a repair company having an in-house machine shop and an engineering services department is likely to mean it is able to keep costs down and have a faster turnaround for manufacturing replacements.

YB Components offers a quality and comprehensive industrial components repair service. All our repairs are carried out under strict control. If, for example, you send us an industrial gearbox that cannot be repaired economically, we offer advice on an alternative solution, thus saving you time and money.