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Hydraulic press system designed to save on production costs and be more energy efficient


In a recent blog YB Components, specialists in the supply of specialist industrial parts like Zurrer gearboxes and Tschan posiflex couplings, wrote about how hydraulic components are vital for the operation of numerous drive systems, tools and cylinders.

As Valve Hydraulic informs, practically all hydraulic circuits are virtually the same, regardless of their application and rely on six basic components, which are necessary for setting up a hydraulic system.

These components include a reservoir pump in order to hold the liquid, a pump which is used to pump the liquid through the system, an electric motor is also required in order to drive the pump, or if not an electric motor, another type of power source. Valves are also needed in order to control the direction of the liquid, the pressure, as well as the flow rate. An actuator is also used as a means of converting the energy of the liquid into mechanical torque or force. Actuators are either motors used to create rotary motion, or cylinders which would provide linear motion.

Whilst hydraulic systems might be long-established and used widely, the world of hydraulic technology is advancing with the development of a hydraulic press system designed to improve the quality of critical composite aerospace components whilst simultaneously making production costs more cost-effective. The new system also promises to reduce energy consumption as well as noise emissions.

The new hydraulic press system has been developed by TMP and French Oil Mill Machinery. According to a report published on NetComposites, the sideplate hydraulic press system is designed using a Precision Control Motion Package and an Integrated RTM Package.

The overall footprint of the hydraulic press is reduced by the design, whereby the hydraulic power and reservoir are mounted on the top of the headlock. There is also a ladder installed on the system, which enables access and services to be carried out.

French Oil claims that the press comprises of multi-zone electrically heated platens in steel, which are rated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and in order to be resistant to corrosion, they have nickel plated cooling passages.

Like many industries, industrial applications and the components that are required for the operation of such applications, such as Sirem pumps, Sferax linear bearings, Sirem motors and Pujol geared units, are advancing and becoming increasingly sophisticated and well-designed in order to help operators save time, money and resources.

If you require specialist industrial parts, such as Tcb barrel couplings and Berges speed belts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with YB Components, specialists in the supply of industrial components.