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The HTD belt is a rubber timing drive featuring a curvilinear tooth profile. This curvilinear profile enables the HTD belts to offer a much larger contact area with the pulley. This subsequently improves the performance and allows for a lighter construction.

HTD Belt Design Improvements

HTD belts suppliers, Yorkshire’s YB Components being one, have been supplying these belts as they are an advanced design that improves upon the traditional trapezoidal toothform of standard belts. The improved design creates a more uniform transmission of power when the teeth are meshed together, resulting in increased torque transmission.

The much deeper teeth of HTD belts means there is little tooth jumping or misalignment during operation. The lighter construction means less centrifugal loss and less unit pressure on each tooth due to the larger contact area, leading to a much smoother and efficient performance.

The design of the HTD belts also provides more shear strength thanks to the larger cross sections of the teeth. They can also be a more cost-effective solution as a narrower belt can handle the same load as a thicker non-HTD belt.

HTD Belt Teeth Materials

Like many HTD belts suppliers, Yorkshire’s YB Components have been impressed with the construction of the product. This is due to the materials used in HTD belts manufacture.

The teeth and the top of the belt are made with high strength Polychloroprene-based elastomer material. The material is made via a unique process which creates a superior adhesion on the tensile member and the facing fabric.

The teeth are then given an additional layer of protection via an abrasion-resistant Polyamide fabric that has a low coefficient of friction.

Special Features of HTD Belts

HTD synchronous drive belts are especially resistant to tropical weather conditions, ultraviolet light and ozone, and can be operated within a temperature range starting as low as minus-20 degrees Celsius and up to 100 degrees Celsius. They are also reasonably resistant to oil.

The high strength and flexibility of a HTD belt enables its use with applications using small pulley diameters and low centre distances, as well as reverse bending idlers. The exact dimensional matching of the belt and pulley tooth contours along with the excellent flexibility of the HTD belt produces impressive efficiency. This efficiency is further enhanced by the high length stability and tensile strength.

The belts available through HTD belts suppliers like Yorkshire’s YB Components also feature a low-elongation glass cord tensile member that has been wound helically in opposing pairs throughout the entire belt width.

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