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How Wrapflex Couplings Extend Fan Lifespans



Wrapflex couplings serve a vital function in helping extend the service lives of industrial fans. Such fans are important pieces of equipment across practically all industries as they keep air circulating and are a central component of any heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system.

How Wrapflex Couplings Extend Fan Lifespans

Any downtime for industrial fans is bad news. At the bare minimum it creates poor working conditions, allowing heat to build-up and no fresh air to be circulated. But in a worse case scenario, fan downtime has the potential to cause a complete shutdown of operations.

Let’s look at how components like Falk wrapflex couplings help extend the service lives of industrial fans.

Excellent Element and Hub Design

Wrapflex couplings have a special element and hub design which keeps the elements in good working condition for far longer than other types of coupling model. The special design of Falk wrapflex couplings also includes a heightened flexibility of the element which makes installation much faster and easier than non-wrapflex couplings.

Replace In Place Installation

Installation of Falk wrapflex couplings is not just fast and easy, it is can also be completed in situ which further minimises downtime. Known as a ‘replace in place’ design feature, the innovative function has a split polyurethane elastomeric element which enables in situ installation, allowing the coupling to be replaced without removing the hubs or realigning the shafts. Nor do the motors need to be removed to replace the wrapflex coupling, making it easy to avoid significant downtime for machinery.

Protection from Impact and Vibrations

Wrapflex couplings also help extend the service life of other components as they protect connected machinery from wear and tear caused by shock loads, impacts and vibrations. This obviously reduces costs by minimising parts replacement while optimising production uptime.

Minimum Maintenance

Falk wrapflex couplings are designed to operate without lubrication, which means the amount of necessary maintenance is greatly reduced. There are also cost savings as there is no need to purchase any oil or grease, and time savings as there is no need to apply lubrication by hand.

Falk Wrapflex Couplings

The high quality wrapflex couplings manufactured by Falk are available in nine sizes so you can always find the exact fit you need for your application. They feature both close-coupled and spacer designs in order to accommodate a variety of shaft spacing configurations. The ‘replace in place’ design greatly reduces downtime for machines as the motors or drives do not need to be removed to replace a Falk wrapflex coupling.

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