How to Replace a Caterpillar Fan Belt  

Caterpillars are heavy duty equipment used in multiple different industries. They are hard working and robust machines, but they will occasionally require a new fan belt. As the UK’s leading caterpillar belts supplier in Yorkshire, YB Components can supply you with the exact parts you need to keep your equipment performing as it should.

To replace caterpillar belts in Yorkshire and all over the UK, you will need a breaker bar and a deep well socket wrench. Ideally you will also have a schematic or pulley diagram so you can see exactly where each of the components are positioned inside the engine.

Knowing when to replace the belt is also crucial, and the most common sign is a squeaking sound when the engine is running. When you hear the squeak, it is time to contact your caterpillar belts supplier in Yorkshire.

Reduce Belt Tension

The first step in replacing a caterpillar belt is to ease the tension on the belt. Access the engine and insert a suitably-sized breaker bar into the tension adjuster on the alternator until enough tension has been relieved. Now move the breaker bar to the side and the belt should now be removable from the alternator pulley.

Remove the Belt

To remove the belt, loosen the tension adjuster using a deep well socket wrench on the mounting bolt, which should be located just above the water pump. Now use the socket wrench to access the water pump tension adjustment, usually located at the bottom of the engine. Once both bolts have been loosened, simply rotate the tension pulley bracket and the belt can be removed by moving it around the harmonic damper, also known as a crankshaft damper.

Insert the New Caterpillar Belt

Replacement belts can be ordered through caterpillar belts suppliers like Yorkshire’s YB Components. Once the old belt is removed, install the new belt by carefully winding it around the water pump and tension pulley. Insert the breaker bar into the pulley now to apply pressure and tighten the tension bar, while at the same time using the socket wrench to tighten the bolt. Now simply tighten the tension adjuster on the water pump with the socket wrench and get ready to finish the installation.

Wind the New Caterpillar Belt

The new caterpillar belt will need to be wound over the fan blades and also around the crankshaft pulley. Use the breaker bar again with the tension adjuster and nudge  it to the side, then begin winding the belt behind the adjuster. Continue winding the belt under the idler pulley and over the alternator pulley.

Restore Tension

Restore tension in the belt by removing the breaker bar which will allow the tension adjuster to reduce the slack. Keep an eye on the belt as the slack is reduced, making sure that it is seated correctly in the groove of each pulley.

You can now start the engine and check to ensure the belt is correctly aligned once again. Watch the motion of the pulleys and the belt to ensure they are operating smoothly.

If you require caterpillar belts in Yorkshire or anywhere else around the UK and the rest of the world, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading caterpillar belts supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all throughout the UK and all around the globe.