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How to Eliminate Maintenance Guesswork


All manufacturers of industrial machinery and machine parts will soon be able to benefit from predictive maintenance born of machine learning, according to an expert in the field who is due to explain his ideas at the upcoming Pacific Design and Manufacturing show in the USA in February.

Kayed Almasarweh is the head of Cognitive Solutions for IBM, as well as being the lead for IBM’s artificial intelligence supercomputer ‘Watson’, and he believes that machine learning has progressed to the stage where it can help all manufacturers avoid machine failures, no matter how big or small the company is.

Advancing machine reliability would of course result in a reduction in the need for repair services and the often costly machine failure and necessary downtime that repairs incur.

Minimising Unplanned Machine Downtime

Mr Almasarweh will be discussing his belief that machine learning and artificial intelligence can not only minimise unexpected downtime but possibly even eliminate maintenance guesswork entirely. Additional benefits include reducing the costs of warranties as well as machine learning helping to optimise supply chain management.

Mr Almasarweh spoke to design engineer community website Design News about the potential machine learning predictive maintenance and said, “This is not only for big manufacturing operations, it is for everybody. Once you get it implemented with the right data, you can get a return on investment almost immediately.”

The point was also made that as long as a particular asset is used by a business to generate revenue or to manufacture products, or even just move things from here to there, then this asset can benefit from predictive maintenance. The key to the success of predictive maintenance enhanced by machine learning is data.

“Data is the heart of being able to do machine learning and AI,” Mr Almasarweh added, also reiterating his belief that this is not a breakthrough that serves only big manufacturing operations, but one that can help all businesses avoid the need for the likes of gearbox repair services and other costly machine downtime.

What is the Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show?

The Pacific Design and Manufacturing show is an event being held in Anaheim, California, in early February. The event will attract advanced manufacturing professionals seeking out new technologies and educational information, as well as networking connections, all of which will help them stay on top of their game as the manufacturing community collectively advances its technological developments.

Around 1,900 designers, manufacturers and suppliers will be showcasing their innovations in areas covering the likes of 3D printing, rapid prototyping and injection moulding and coatings. Other areas of expertise featuring heavily include contract design and manufacturing services, as well as the latest solutions in the field of CAD/CAM software.

A major part of the show will include the 3D Printing and Smart Manufacturing Innovations Summit, as well as the Medtech Conference. The Pacific Design and Manufacturing expo is the largest event of its kind in North America and has become a must-attend for advanced manufacturing professionals not just in America but from all around the world.

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