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How to check for signs of industrial equipment wear and tear?

A shoddily working adjustable centre variable speed pulley, ave chain, anti-vibration mount, Centrex clutch, Cls45 senotec switching amplifier, or just about any type of component, will not do the productivity or lifespan of your industrial machinery any favours whatsoever.

All parts in any piece of equipment are there for a reason and it is the collective inner workers of equipment that ensures machinery works as it should. If a component becomes worn it will have a knock-on effect to how the rest of the components perform and ultimately how efficient the piece of machinery performs as a whole.

Exchanging vital components, such as Berges speed belts and Cls60 aluminium switching amplifiers, or repairing them, will inevitably increase the productivity of the machine and ultimately the output of the company. The age-old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ can however be applied here and the trick to keeping machinery constantly working well is to detect when vital clutches, gearboxes, bearings and other parts are worn and then doing something about it.

But how do we detect for worn components?


If a machine is vibrating more than normal, it could be a sign that gears and belts are out of alignment.

High temperatures

If a piece of industrial apparatus is feels warmer than usual, it could be that the machine is operating with worn parts, is poorly lubricated or is working against friction. The higher than normal temperature could also be a sign of extended use.


Crown toothed gear couplings, Danfoss bauer industrial gearboxes, Enemac torque limiters, Falk couplings or just about every industrial part for that matter, can become damaged and their lifeline prematurely ended if the machinery suffers an accident. If a piece of equipment has been dropped or operated carelessly and using poor techniques, ensure that you pay special attention to checking how the machine is running and whether you can detect any excessive vibration or noise.


Age affects everyone and almost everything, including industrial parts. Over time the likes of Berges speed belts and anti-vibration mounts will become warped. Vital bolts will loosen. Seals will dry up and crack. Age is unpreventable. What is preventable, is changing or repairing vital components before interminable damage occurs that causes the whole machine to cease working.

If you have any advice about checking for signs of industrial wear, we’re all ears.