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How Anti-Vibration Mounts Work


Anti-vibration mounts are used for reducing or entirely eliminating vibration and noise caused by a machine’s operation. They are usually made from rubber and metal and will be attached to the machine either on or near the bottom.

They are useful additions to powerful machinery used across a wide range of sectors including many different types of industrial machinery, air conditioners, compressors and power generators, as well as with many types of military and medical equipment.

Benefits of Anti-Vibration Mounts

Some people might think that anti-vibration mounts are an unnecessary extra, but they have many benefits which make them worthwhile. They are useful in industries using sensitive equipment as well as those using heavy machinery, as they absorb both low and high frequency vibrations across a variety of applications.

They are usually easy to mount, and immediately reduce the noise and vibration, making operation easier and safer and extending the lifespan of the application.

They are especially advisable on handheld machines where their absorption of the vibrations help prevent issues like Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), which is caused by using vibrating hand tools. HAVS causes a peripheral neuropathy of the hands resulting in numbness, tingling and a loss of dexterity. Even worse, use of such tools for an extended time can lead to Vibration White Finger, which manifests as an blanching of the fingers starting at the tip of one or more fingers and ultimately spreading down into the palm. Using vibrating hand tools without an anti-vibration mount can also cause a variety of musculoskeletal problems.

Anti-Vibration Mount Designs

Cylindrical mounts are good noise dampeners and vibration isolators and can handle a good variety of high and low frequencies. They work for both passive and active vibrations and are able to limit structure-generated noise. Cylindrical mounts are usually made with stainless steel and heavy-duty rubber.

Bushing mounts are also made from metal and bonded rubber and they are great at absorbing extreme dynamic and static vibration across a wide variety of applications. The bushings of these mount consist of an inner and outer sleeve made of a heavy rubber compound. These sleeves are able to support heavy loads while reducing or eliminating high frequency vibrations.

Conical mounts are a fairly recent innovation and are particularly effective for operations with extreme noise and vibration reduction requirements. Conical mounts can also handle very heavy loads and are advisable in applications that experience excessive G-force effects.

AMC Machine Mounts

There are anti-vibration mounts available through YB Components, including the AMC Mecanocaucho Anti Vibration Mounts. AMC design and build comprehensive ranges of anti-vibration AMC machine mounts with metal and rubber for effective noise reduction and vibration dampening.

If you require any AMC Machine Mounts such as the AMC Mecanocaucho Anti Vibration Mounts, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading anti-vibration mounts suppliers.