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Housed Bearings for Harsh Conditions  

Some industries such as mining and quarrying require equipment that can perform well even in harsh conditions. One of the pieces of equipment that is vital in the harsh conditions of the aggregates industry is the housed bearing, which is able to handle the extreme environments they operate in.

Whether it is very high or low temperatures, contamination, or a myriad other dangerous conditions, applications like conveyors, crushers and motorised vibration screens experience a lot of impacts, shock loads and vibrations. This can lead to premature bearing failure thanks to these harsh environmental and operational conditions.

But using the housed bearings available through bearings supplier Yorkshire’s YB Components reduces the amount of wear and tear on the bearing itself. The housing is also easier and less expensive to replace, so housed bearings will definitely reduce costs over time.

As anyone working in the aggregates industry knows, premature bearing failure can be catastrophic. At a minimum, it can mean hours or even days of costly downtime. At worst, premature bearing failure has the potential to cause injury to workers. Housed bearings minimise this aspect so you can optimise your output.

Replacement Bearings in Yorkshire

Usually, a bearing’s natural lifespan in ordinary conditions will see it needing replacement three times more often than a housing needs replacing.  So for every three times that you replace a bearing, you will only need to replace the housing once.

If you find the housing needs replacing more often than a ratio of 3:1 to the bearing, then the housing is probably made of an unsuitable material for the conditions it faces in the aggregates industry. Speak to experts about bearings in Yorkshire via YB Components, who can direct you toward the most suitable bearing product for your application.

For example, there are housed bearing units which have been designed especially for dealing with the extreme conditions found in the mining and quarrying industries. Some housed bearing products are made with high tensile steel so they can easily withstand very big shock loads and constant vibration. Some products will also have special covers that protect the bearing from contaminants, as well as making it easy to remove for inspection purposes.

Housed Bearing Mounting Options

Housed bearings come in a variety of styles so they can be used with many different  applications. Mounting options include cartridge blocks, pillow blocks and flange blocks, as well as take-up blocks and multiple different locking configurations.

Certain solid block housing units can also tolerate significant misalignment while remaining effectively sealed to keep dust, dirt and sand away from the vital components of the bearings. Yorkshire’s YB Components can direct you to such products if you need such features.

If you require any bearings in Yorkshire or anywhere else around the UK, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading bearings supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.