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Homwing Harmonic Reducers


Homwing harmonic reducers have recently been added to the YB Components catalogue, and the high quality Homwing gear drives are ready to ship out whenever our customers need them.

They are a relatively new company and some folks may not have heard of them yet, so here we will introduce the gear drive manufacturer and highlight a couple of their excellent products that are available through Homwing suppliers YB Components right now.

A Brief History of Homwing Harmonic Reducers

The Shenzhen Homwing Technology company was founded in 2014 and based on the long-term accumulated experience that the founders have in mechanical design and manufacturing. They have since been developing various types of harmonic reducers and gear drives to suit a variety of needs and applications.

The company is experiencing rapid growth and expansion due to the popular take-up of their products, which achieve a very high quality thanks to the experienced technical and management personnel, as well as their plants being equipped with advanced equipment.

Homwing suppliers like YB Components are also benefitting from the good reputation that Homwing harmonic reducers have in the industries of robotics, machine tools, medical equipment, laser processing, cutting, dispensing, brush making, LED equipment manufacturing, and precision electronic equipment.

Now let’s look closer at a couple of the Homwing gear drive products that have helped established the company’s good reputation.

HST-V Series Harmonic Gear Reducer

This gear reducer features a large hollow bore flat shape which makes it easy to handle and ideal for machines with limited installation space. The HST-V series of Homwing harmonic reducers are reduction devices composed of three basic components including a fixed inner tooth rigid wheel, a flexible wheel consisting of an elastic thin-walled sleeve cup whose base body is connected to the driven shaft, and a wave generator that deforms the flex wheel in a radial direction.

The HST-V harmonic gear uses a flexible gear to generate a controllable elastic deformation wave, causing the teeth of the rigid wheel and the flexible wheel to be relatively misaligned which helps to transmit power and motion. It also has high precision and high bearing capacity, and has a relatively light volume and weight.

HST-IV Series Harmonic Drive

The HST-IV series of Homwing gear drives feature a flexible spline in a hollow-flanged standard barrel housing. The inner hole of the reducer is a fully sealed structure and has been designed with support bearings.

The HST-IV Homwing gear drive is easy to install, features excellent shaft input form, and is suitable for synchronous belt connection and any occasions requiring shaft input.

If you require any Homwing harmonic reducers or Homwing gear drives, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Homwing suppliers in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.