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Homwing Gear Reducer Feature   


As Homwing gear drive suppliers, YB Components can supply businesses all over the UK and the rest of the world with some of the very best Homwing gear reducers. Here we feature some of their harmonic reducer models, with a special focus on their excellent HST series.

HST-I series Harmonic Drive Reducer

The HST-I series of Homwing gear reducers features a radially compliant but torsionally stiff flexspline. The flexspline is a thin cylindrical receptacle usually made from alloy steel, and features external teeth on the open end of the receptacle. It consists of a hollow-flanged standard tube construct that has been designed to be compact.

Connected by flat keys, the input shaft is accurately matched to the inner hole of the wave generator, enabling it to be used in the connection mode of circular spline-end fixed and flexspline-end outputs. In addition, the HST-I series Harmonic Drive Reducer is also suitable for the connection mode of flexspline end-fixed and circular spline-end outputs.

HST-III Harmonic Gear Drive

The HST-III series also features a hollow-flanged standard cylinder construct, but with a hollow shaft hole with a large diameter in the middle of the wave generator, which is comprised of a specially designed thin raced ball bearing fitted seamlessly into an elliptical hub. This Homwing gear reducer also has a support bearing inside the reducer, with the design also incorporating a fully sealed structure.

This harmonic gear drive is easy to install, and is most suitable for applications that have a wire threaded through the centre of the reducer.

HST-IV series Harmonic Drive Gear

The HST-IV series of Homwing gear reducers again has a flexspline featuring a hollow-flanged standard barrel construct. The inner hole of the reducer is designed with support bearings and it comes housed in a fully sealed structure.

Another harmonic gear drive that is easy to install, the HST-IV is best suited to applications using a synchronous belt connection or applications requiring a shaft input.

Other Products Available at Homwing Gear Drive Suppliers

The HSD-I series Harmonic Gear Reducer also features the special flexspline, this time with an ultra-short tube construct. This gear drive can used with the circular spline fixed and the flexspline as the end output, as well as the end output being used to fix the flexspline and the circular spline.

The HCS-I series Gearbox Harmonic Drive Reducer is compact with a simple design that maintains a high torque capacity with high rigidity. It has a coaxial input and output, and produces zero backlash. It is also known for its excellent positioning and rotational accuracy.

If you require any Homwing gear reducers, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Homwing gear drive suppliers in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of every Homwing gear reducer and they are ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.