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Heynau H-Drive and Mini Drive


Heynau Getreibe manufacture high quality traction drives that are especially suited to operations where noise reduction is important. Their products are also renowned for having long lives while providing plenty of speed and power transmission options for a wide variety of applications.

Below we take a closer look at the H-Drive and Mini Drive from the Heynau product catalogue.

Heynau Gearboxes – H-Drive

As a mechanical variable speed drive, the Heynau H-Drive is one of the most popular and reliable traction drives on the market. The all-steel construction is very basic and only features a few components which promotes reliability. These Heynau gearboxes are ideal for applications that require quiet operation as well as premium precision and a steady speed holding capability.  The H-Drive is also especially efficient and durable compared to similar products.

The Heynau Getreibe H-Drive consists of a set of cones transmitting the power through a steel ring that envelops the device. The positions of the cones relative to the steel ring are adjustable which enables the speed customisation feature, which includes the ability to change speed seamlessly even when the machine is in operation. Input and output reducers are also available for these Heynau gearboxes which massively increase the number of possible speed and power ratings.

The driving power of these Heynau Getreibe H-Drives is up to 4 kW, with output torques up to 1000 Nm. The output speed range is between of 0.027 RPM  up to 5600 RPM. The custom options for this particular product include a precision variable speed gearbox version and an extruder variable speed gearbox. There is also a SKB-Shift unit H-Drive and another design that conforms to the EU’s ATEX Directive that covers equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Heynau Gearboxes – Mini Drive

The more compact Heynau traction gearbox known as the Mini Drive features a driving power of 0.18 kW with output torques reaching up to 150 Nm. The output speeds range is between 0.003 RPM up to 3900 RPM.

Thanks to its high power transmission and compact housing, the Heynau Mini Drive can be combined with spur gearboxes, planetary gearboxes and worm gearboxes. There is also an extruder gearbox version and another special design that conforms to the ATEX Directive.

Heynau Long Life Lubrication

Heynau manufacture their own special brand of lubrication which they say is ideal for their products such as the H-Drive and Mini Drive. The proprietary lubrication oil is called Heynau Long Life and it will guarantee smooth power transmission along with excellent heat dissipation. Heynau include it in the sealed housing of the H-Drive and Mini Drive, meaning they are pre-lubricated for life and will not require re-lubrication.

Heynau cite the Long Life oil’s elastohydrodynamic properties as the reason for their usage of it, which simply means it prevents the transmission surfaces suffering any damaging metal-on-metal contact. The Long Life oil’s elastohydrodynamism thus provides the components of the Heynau gearboxes with high abrasion resistance.

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