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Hadeflex Coupling Features and Benefits  

The Hadeflex coupling is a claw coupling that features flexible elements that provide a torsionally flexible connection between two shafts. They are manufactured by Desch Couplings, who are also known for their Habix and Orpex couplings.

This Hadeflex model of compensating coupling is common in general mechanical and plant engineering, with Hadeflex couplings particularly popular for applications such as pumps, compressors, conveyor systems and gearboxes. As the UK’s leading Desch and Hadeflex couplings supplier, YB Components can attest to this product’s exceptional quality.

Here we take a look at the properties that set the Hadeflex coupling apart from other products, and the different types of Hadeflex couplings you can choose from.

Flexible Elements of the Hadeflex Coupling

The flexible elements used in Hadeflex couplings are especially wear-resistant, while also boasting excellent oil and ozone resistance. They have a long natural service life, and remain temperature resistant between minus-20 degrees up to 80 degrees Celsius.

The flexibility afforded to Hadeflex couplings by these elements allows this product to absorb impacts and rotary vibrations, ensuring smooth operation while significantly reducing noise. The flexible elements are also dimensioned so that radial, axial and angular movements between the two halves of the coupling are cancelled out.

Hadeflex Couplings Installation

The Hadeflex coupling is a plug-in installation type, and thus does not have any particularly rigorous alignment accuracy requirements. The balancing quality is in the quality range G 16, originally in accordance with DIN-ISO 1940, which has since been revised by ISO 21940-11:2016 for mechanical vibration and rotor balancing.

Hadeflex Coupling Type X

The Type X Hadeflex couplings are failsafe up to the fracture moment of the cast iron transmission cam, which provides maximum operational safety. The coupling star can also be supplied with one of two levels of hardness, either 92 Shore A or 98 Shore A.

The fixed position of the Type X coupling star also ensures that no damaging axial forces can act on the machine bearing, even when the torque is alternating.

Hadeflex Coupling Type TX (with Taper Bush)

The Type TX Hadeflex couplings use the taper bush system which allows for fast and easy installation. The connection between shafts remains torsionally flexible while shaft balancing errors are eliminated. Type TX also boasts axial fixing of the shaft while remaining backlash-free.

The close sliding fit of this Type TX Hadeflex coupling also makes axial alignment of the coupling simpler, with the coupling star easily replaced without the need to disassemble the connected machines.

Hadeflex Couplings Type F (FW and FNW)

Type F is available through your local Hadeflex couplings supplier in either two-piece or three-piece variants. The two-piece coupling is the FW Series and requires axial displacement of the drive engines prior to installation. The three-piece is the FNW Series and does not require axial displacement of the drive engines prior to installation.

If you require any type of Hadeflex coupling for your machinery, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Hadeflex couplings supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.