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Guide to Working with Gear-Motors


There are a lot of different types of gearmotor with many variables to consider when identifying the right one for any given application. To help with the selection and specification process, here is a quick guide to working with gear-motors.

Determining Gear Motor Size

As YB Components are experienced gearboxes suppliers, we know that improper sizing is usually one of the most common mistakes made when selecting a geared motor unit.

When you are determining the required size of a geared motor unit for a particular application, there are two important factors regarding the gearbox output shaft that you must consider first. These are its speed measured in rpm, and how much torque it can produce. To figure out the torque multiplication from input to output, you will need to understand the gearbox ratio, which is determined by the gear train within a gearbox multiplying torque from the input side to the gearbox output shaft.

While the speed and the torque requirements of the application are most important factors, you should also pay attention to the service factor. The gearbox service factor is the ratio of the gearbox-rated torque to the application’s required torque. This factor can determine how long the geared motor will last.

Increasing Gearmotor Energy Efficiency

Try to minimise inefficient gearing when you want to maximize the overall efficiency of a geared motor unit system. An example of inefficient gearing could be a right-angle worm-gear reducer, which is not actually necessary because of the plentiful space to work with. These types of gear-motors can be as much as 50% less efficient than the more directly aligned parallel shaft reducers with their more efficient spur and helical gears.

Sometimes it is also possible to increase a gear motor’s efficiency by swapping out the permanent split capacitor AC motor with a permanent magnet DC motor.

Gearbox efficiency also depends on the loading of the gearbox. There can be a big difference between the efficiency of a gearbox running a normal load and one running heavier loads. Also bear in mind that a lighter load combined with a higher gearbox ratio is unlikely to produce maximum efficiency. Higher ratios are generally much more efficient with heavier loads, and vice versa.

Use Reliable Gearboxes Suppliers

Parts will inevitably need replacing so it is important to know where to get replacement components and all the different kinds of gear-motors that you might need for your applications.

YB Components keep local stocks of products designed and built by the world’s best gearboxes manufacturers including Bauer and Zurrer Gearboxes. They are ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world so you can find the right size gear-motor to keep your operations running at maximum efficiency.

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