Industrial gearboxes, motors, couplings, clutches, ball bearings

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Gumptious Technology Co. have been manufacturing high quality Servo gearboxes since 2001.

YB Components are pleased to supply these to UK and EU customers

GTC provides patented products including the very popular backlash free Ball Reducer , backlash free Right Angle Gearbox(WS series), highly accurate Hollow Rotary Platform Gear Reducer (NT series) and precision Planetary Gearhead (GNP series)


GTC Gearbox rigth angle

Right-Angle Gearbox – WS Series

GTC Gearbox Hollow Rotart

Hollow Rotary Actuator – NT Series

GTC Gearbox planetary rotary

Planetary Rotary Gearbox – GNDU Series

GTC Gearbox planetary gearbox

Planetary Gearbox – GNP Series

GTC Gearbox Harmonic gearing

Harmonic Gearing – GSHG Series

GTC Gearbox harmonic gearing

Harmonic Gearing – GCSG Series

GTC Gearbox

GCSD14 Harmonic Reducer

GTC Gearbox gtc lifting

GTC Lifting System Series


Fuji ALPHA5 Smart 5 Servo System