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Global Industrial Gearbox Market Report 2015 – 2019


Whether it’s a Kumera gearbox, a Sirem gearbox, a Spaggiari gearbox or any other type of industrial gearbox, these essential components are vital in transferring energy from one device to another. Industrial gearboxes are positioned at the junction of the power shaft and the motor and offer a degree of variation based on the arrangement and the construction of the gears. Based on these configurations, the operational characteristics of these important mechanical parts differ.

According to the Global Industrial Gearbox Market 2015 – 2019 Report, the global industrial gearbox industry is set to grow at a CAGR rate of 5.41 percent during the period 2014 – 2019.

The report is based on in-depth market analysis with opinion and input from various experts within the field of industrial gearboxes. It was conducted using an objective mix of primary and secondary information, based on inputs from key figures in the industrial gearbox sector.

According to the report, both manual and automatic transmission systems are “key segments of the automotive transmission market.” It continued that the manual transmission segment is “gaining momentum” due to the need to repair and replace automobile components.

An analyst commented on the findings of the report, stating:

“Mechanical power transmissions are used in the automobile and mining and construction industries as well as in machine tools in the packaging, printing, agriculture, and process industries. The market is highly fragmented and abounds with similar products that have little scope for differentiation and customisation. Therefore, vendors are striving to offer turnkey solutions ranging from installation to after-sales services, in order to increase their customer base.”

The analyst used Siemens gearboxes as being an example of an industrial gearbox manufacturer that offers an “integrated drive portfolio that includes all frequency converters, motors, couplings, and gear units as well as installation, testing, and compatibility check services.”

“Therefore, such turnkey solutions will help vendors cater to rising customer expectations, thereby fuelling market growth,” an analyst from the team continued.

The report also states that the increasing popularity of direct drive technology will impede the growth of the industrial gearbox market.

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