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Gearboxes and geared motors are some of the most popular industrial components shipped out by parts suppliers such as YB Components. At such specialist gearboxes supplier, companies around the world have access to the most popular brands as well as the lesser known and perhaps more single product-focused manufacturers. These lesser known companies might have a smaller catalogue, but often the products they specialise in will be of the highest quality.

Gearboxes and Geared Motors

With so many industrial applications for geared motors, it is no wonder gearbox suppliers are in such demand. A quick glance at the list of manufacturers whose catalogue of components is available to ship immediately reveals masters of the geared motor unit from all around the world. There is the Italian firm DZ Trasmissioni operating out of Europe, with nine size differentials for just their standard gearbox range alone. Their standard geared motors feature shafts diameters from 8 to 35mm, with the maximum power transmission reaching up to 15kW with rotation speeds of up to 3000rpm.

Wanshsin Seikou are from China and specialise in a range of speed reducing motors, with their catalogue of products including a planetary geared motor version as well as compact and medium-sized geared motor units.

From Japan there is the Nidec-Shimpo corporation, who have established themselves as one of the world’s leading suppliers of geared motor drive technology and precision power transmission solutions for the global industrial marketplace. One of their specialties is the right-angled worm gearbox, known as the EJ Series, which are servo-grade speed reducers perfect for the even most challenging of motion control applications.

Bauer Worm-Geared Motor BS Series

Another company who make worm gears something of a specialty is German manufacturing giant Danfoss Bauer. Their worm-geared motor BS Series features an economical right-angled worm gearbox which is especially useful as it is easily installed even in the tightest application conditions.

Additionally, the worm-geared motor BS Series include hollow shafts even with the smallest sizes, and an inverter-friendly design which enables easy integration not only now but for the future. The BS geared motors provide total flexibility with regard to the various mounting options such as on the flange, shaft, base or face. The motor’s terminal box also has the ability to be mounted in alternative positions and rotated in 90 degree increments around the motor frame, which again offers what Bauer rightly like to describe as ‘unparalleled integration possibilities’.

Gearbox Repair Service

In addition to being one of the world’s leading gearboxes suppliers, YB Components are also able to offer a gearbox repair service. It is only currently available to businesses in the UK due to logistical reasons, but UK-based firms can send their broken down gearboxes for a full inspection and report, each of which are completely free of charge.

Once the correct course of action has been decided and agreed upon, the repairs are carried out under strict control. Bearings and seals are easily replaced, while new gears (when required) can be quickly sourced from the original manufacturer.

If you require any gearboxes or geared motors such as the worm-geared motor BS Series, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading gearboxes suppliers who can ship these parts all over the world.