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Gearbox Repair Process


Gearboxes are valuable parts of greater machines and can get pretty expensive to outright replace. It is usually a much better idea to try and get a faulty gearbox repaired, as the individual components that need replacing will be a lot cheaper than a whole new gearbox.

Here’s a quick rundown of how gearbox repair services work.

Not to Exceed Quotes

Usually when dealing with a standard gearbox repair service, they will provide you with a ‘Not to Exceed’ quote. This means they are familiar with the gearbox and understand the costs involved in repairing it, so they are able to give you a quote they know will not be exceeded once the repairs are completed. Additional work can be requested which will cost more, but the basic repairs will not exceed the original quote.

At YB Components, we provide a full inspection and report free of charge so you can see exactly what work needs to be done. You simply send us the gearbox and we will carry out the inspection and give you the report before you commit to the repair service.

Gearbox Inspection and Assessment

The first part of the inspection process is a visual assessment of the gearbox’s exterior before opening the gearbox up for closer inspection. During this part of the process the repair engineers will examine the outer surfaces and check the bearing settings, the backlash and the general functionality of the unit, as well look for many of the common gearbox problems.

Gearbox Disassembly

The gearbox engineers will then disassemble the unit in order to inspect the inside and make a full  and detailed record of the condition the gearbox arrived in at the repair service facility.

The engineer will usually draw-up an ‘As Found Condition’ report which will include details and information regarding the gearbox’s condition when it arrived at the repair facility. Any pre-existing damage will be described and the engineer may even be able to immediately recommend certain replacement parts if their need is obvious from the initial inspection. These details will inform the quote you will receive for the repair service.

If your gearbox cannot be repaired economically, then we will be able to advise you regarding an alternative solution.

The Gearbox Repair Service

If you approve the quote, then the repairs will get underway. Some components may only need a good clean-up, while others may need to be replaced. If the gearbox engineer can save you money by cleaning a component instead of replacing it, then they will do their best.

There will be no surprises during the repair process, as only the parts stated in the report will be replaced. Such parts that often need replacing include gears, bearings, pinions, shafts and seals. At gearboxes suppliers YB Components, replacement gears are sourced from the original gearbox manufacturer if they are still available, or specially cut to sample. Replacing bearings will be SKF and FAG wherever possible, and we make a point to check and replace seals as a matter of course.

All repairs carry a full 12 month warranty.

If you need a good gearbox repair service, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading gearboxes suppliers.